Microsoft’s New Surface Laptop Will Be Available On June 15th

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We’ve seen plenty of unique spins on laptop from Microsoft, with the surface prone, surface book, but today we finally have a traditional laptop from the company – Surface Laptop Hands-On.

It’s very thin and light-weight laptop that Microsoft is targeting against the MacBook Air. It is really good and has the same metal construction that we’ve seen from other surface devices. It feels even smoother and the fact that it’s a single laptop now, instead of a detachable tablet type object, it feels a lot more cohesive and a lot more solid. Microsoft also covered the keyboard in the cloth like material that just feels smooth to the touch and supposedly stain resistant.


The screen is 13.5 inch pixel sense screen. It’s very fast for browsing the web and loading some 4k videos. Surface laptop is also flagship device for Windows 10s, which is Microsoft’s new education focus stripped-down version of OS. It runs apps from the Windows Store but it doesn’t run other legacy apps. You can also go to the Windows store and upgrade to Windows 10 Pro, which is a big step up from Windows RT devices.


This model comes packing a 128GB SSD and 4GB of RAM with the Intel Core i5. The big benefit with Windows 10s and all the integrated hardware we’re seeing on the Surface Laptop is the battery life. Microsoft claims it’ll get 14 and a half hours of battery life which is more that we’ve seen from the MacBook Air and the MacBook as well.

The Surface Laptop will be available for $999 on June 15th.