Meet Toucan – A New, Immersive Way To Learn A New Language While You Go About Your Daily Life Browsing The Web

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Below is our recent interview with Taylor Nieman, Co-Founder & CEO of Toucan:

Q: This is the first time we have spoken. Can you provide a brief overview of Toucan?

A: Toucan is a new, immersive way to learn a new language while you go about your daily life browsing the web. Learning a new language is challenging, fun, and rewarding. It also takes time, practice, and dedication – finding a few extra minutes in the day can feel impossible. We created Toucan to help people make more use of their time, without missing out on the fun and satisfaction of learning a new language.

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Q: How can we learn a new language while browsing the web?

A: By browsing the web with Toucan installed, you are exposed to thousands of micro-moments of learning every day. We supercharge that learning by using effective, science-based teaching techniques including spaced repetition, comprehensible input, and contextual immersion.

Q: Which languages are available for learning at the moment?

A: Currently, Toucan offers the following seven languages: Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese, and Korean. We’re in the midst of launching Spanish to English and plan to have 25+ language vectors before the end of this year.

Q: You’ve recently raised $4.5 Million in Seed funding; can you tell us something more?

A: We’re so excited to have the resources to expand our team. This will help us support Toucan across every major browser as well as launch new languages, including Mandarin, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, and English. In addition, we’ll be investing heavily in our technology in order to build world-class technology within our product ranging from natural language processing to machine learning.

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Q: Where do you see the future of Toucan?

A: Toucan will be your augmented layer of learning. This means not only helping people learn a new language as they browse the web but also across other activities people are engaging with throughout their day. This includes platforms such as mobile, audio, voice, AR, VR, and beyond.