Meet Talsom – Management Consulting Firm Specialized In Digital Transformation

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Below is our recent interview with Gabriel Coulet, Marketing Manager at Talsom:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Talsom?

A: We are a management consulting firm specialized in digital transformation. For the past 9 years, our 80+ experts have helped our business partners through all the steps of their digitalization from enterprise vision and IT strategy to software selection and solution implementation.

Q: Why digital transformation should be a key concern for all organizations?

A: For Talsom, the purpose of any organization goes beyond the simple pursuit of profit. That’s why our primary mission is to create a positive impact through people, innovation and technology. To reach our goal, we build upon a number of values, of which the most important ones are innovation, empathy, respect and collaboration.

Digital transformation is important to ensure the longevity and continued relevance of our organi­zations. Here at Talsom, we want to play our part in ensuring that these companies are still around in ten years, still creating opportunities for current and future generations. That’s why as a consulting firm, we don’t just work for our client – we work with our client. We collaborate and co-create by merging our talents with theirs, in order to deve­lopment and implement lasting solutions, from strategy all the way through to execution.

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Q: What type of organization do you help?

A: There are two types of organizations that are concerned with digital transformation. First, there are the industry leaders who are put at risk by the exponential amount disruptive startups and new technologies available on the market. For these organizations, it is crucial to quickly adapt to these changes and to stay on top of the competition in order to ensure the sustainability of their operating model and the thousands of jobs tied to the organization. For them, the key questions are “Why should I transform? And how should I transform to remain relevant and competitive in the digital world?”. Second, we have the small and medium size companies in their growing phase towards maturity. These organizations are at risk of being squeezed between the same pool of innovative startups and the leaders who pursue significant expansion and acquisition strategies in order to consolidate the industry and secure market shares. For these mid-size companies, the challenge is to make the right technology choices to enable value creation and sustainable growth without taking too much risks on the thin edge they are walking.

Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: At Talsom, we support the digital transformation of our clients throughout 4 different types of services.

1. Tech Strategy. Thanks to research and guidance activities, Talsom helps you build your digital strategy and choose the technological tools best suited to helping you attain your pre-established digital target. Our Tech Strategy experts support your strategic IT planning throughout different types of mandates. We perform technology watches to situate yourself on the market and find out how you stack up to the competition by examining best practices and trends for processes and systems within your industry. Throughout engaging workshops, we lead business processes reviews to identify core areas of inefficiency at the heart of your technology processes, and discover optimization tracks towards your digital target. We also build technology roadmaps to help you find out exactly which digital projects need to be put in place so that your organization can attain their short-, medium- and long-term digital target. Finally, once your needs and IT strategy have been defined, we perform software selections for the tech solutions that will help you succeed in reaching your business goals.

2. Project Leadership. Once you’vre narrowed down your technology decision, it’s time to get to work. Project Management and Change Management are two key, complimentary pillars to ensure the success of your implementation potentially involving several systems, and hundreds of employees within your organization. Partnering technical and relationship know-how, our experienced IT project leaders bring proven tools and techniques for mobilizing your team, implementing technology and transforming business processes while minimizing associated risks. They keep track of the interdependencies between actions and resources in order to maximize synergy and help you attain your solution deployment goals.

3. Change Management. Did you know that with personalized guidance, 94% of transformation projects are successful? Whether it’s the implementation of a new technology platform, or an organizational transformation to address a problem or leverage a business opportunity, the common denominator is the individual. Each change must go through a understanding of the impact on individuals throughout the project, alongside efficient and timely buy-in. From diagnostics to deployment, our change catalysts help you lead your stakeholders to understand the issues, adapt to change, and maximize their individual and collective contribution to the project.

4. Innovation Studio. Transitioning to digital and becoming an innovation driver in one’s field isn’t always simple – especially when we’re not sure how to go about it or where to start. Through the use of Design Thinking, Talsom can help you find the best approach to developing your culture of innovation and leaping to the technological forefront of your industry, by guiding you towards defining your digital identity. This pivot to digital will allow you to generate new business opportunities and capitalize on future tech investments.

Q: What are the tools I can use right now to better understand digital transformation and how far along my organization stands in this process?

A: Talsom created numerous tools to help any member of any organization getting updated on the latest tech trends as well as finding out where they are currently standing in the digital transformation era. First, we just released the Tech Radar 2019 which brings you up to speed on AI, IoT, drones and many other technologies as well as introducing the experiential economy and how to create the best customer and employee experience. For more information, follow the Tech Radar 2019 link or click here.

We also developed two self-assessment tools that will help you understand your positioning in the digital transformation landscape. Our project leadership and change management diagnosis tool helps IT professionals instantly understand their strengths and weaknesses throughout the management of their IT projects as well as receive personalized recommendations for improvement. Finally, our innovation culture assessment tool helps company leaders and innovators figure out if they’re company adopted an innovation culture and how to better walk along this path.

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Q: What can we expect from Talsom in the future?

A: Talsom is proud to have become the first tech consulting firm in Canada to receive the B-corp certification. This certification goes along our mission to create a positive impact through people, innovation, and technology. On May 22-24, Talsom will be a partner at C2 Montreal and will organize several activities about family business legacy, diversity and inclusion in the technology industry, promoting innovation culture in organizations, and the best practices to take on to be environmentally and socially sustainable as a growing organization. If you will be participating at C2, feel free to come visit us in the Talsom lodge.