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Customer Experience/Customer Success Management has become among the most important determining factors of an organization’s success in this economy. As a result, a capable Customer Experience Management platform has become a necessity for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Below is our recent interview with Byron Zanopoulo, Managing Director at Signet Research – the marketing research firm and developer of CX platform, Sibyl:

Byron Zanopoulo

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Signet Research?

A: Signet has been a woman owned, private, full-service marketing research provider since 1968. We’ve been conducting research for all sorts of brands across industries – small businesses to enterprise Fortune 500 companies.

We were the pioneers in conducting ad-readership surveys online for media companies – at the time, pretty much all surveying was done by snail mail or by phone interview. So, being in the email survey business we’ve tried every survey platform under the sun internally. Over time we realized there were limitations on what most platforms could do and we got to work on developing our own software brand, Sibyl. Our developers are all in-house and they’re the same guys who programmed thousands of surveys internally at Signet over the years so they really understand the needs of researchers and the limitations of other available platforms. And our latest release, Sibyl Pulse, is just the most comprehensive, sophisticated, and yet, uber simple-to-use Customer Experience Management platform on the market today. And we’re priced really well, so…

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: I’d have to say my ideal client is the ‘Power User’ – usually an experienced, enterprise level researcher who has also used other research platforms and can appreciate even the smallest conveniences and flexibilities Sibyl provides that we “geek over” ourselves. But most of our clients don’t fit that mold. The vast majority of our clients are marketing managers, research managers, and individuals involved in retention, renewals, and customer satisfaction efforts at small and medium sized companies who are looking for an easy way to collect customer feedback and be alerted to unsatisfied customers BEFORE they compromise their reputation or their revenue. But with Sibyl and some guidance from the Signet Research team, before they realize it they’ve become rather sophisticated researchers themselves and an irreplaceable part of their organization.

Q: Could you give us more insights into your services?

A: Well, Sibyl Pulse is a ‘Customer Experience Management’ platform and Full Survey Software suite. It is meant to be the ‘heart’ of any organization’s Customer Success efforts as it’s a centralized Voice of the Customer (VoC) database from which unlimited numbers of survey campaigns can be created and launched through various mediums (email, website popup, social media site embed, SMS text message, app embed). Our experience in survey research helped us create functions that maximize response rate in each instance. That feedback is then stored in a centralized database where it can be tracked, segmented, analyzed, reported on, and shared with the individuals and departments in your organization who can effect change. Sibyl has an open API to integrate with any CRM of your choice or any other software in your tech stack.

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Q: How Signet Research can help small businesses?

A: We’re hand holders. Customer service has always been one of our biggest priorities. And we’re not some startup software company – we’re a full service marketing research company doing business for 50yrs now. So when you sign up with Sibyl, you get a dedicated account manager, unlimited trainings, and access to a Signet Researcher for advice on best practices and such. There’s no offshore phone banks – no service tickets to fill out. We actually answer phones. We respond to emails. Our account managers and our programmers are both located in our main offices so there’s always an informed, available individual for you to reach out to for anything.

Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: Keep doing what we’re doing. Just more of it. We’re constantly updating the platform – more options, more features. Faster. Stronger. Smarter.