Meet SalesInsider – A Talent Marketplace For Hiring SaaS Sales Professionals

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Below is our recent interview with Isaac Garcia, the Founder of SalesInsider:

Isaac Garcia

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to SalesInsider?

A: SalesInsider is a talent marketplace for hiring SaaS sales professionals. Our hiring marketplace matches highly qualified sales candidates with SaaS and software companies. By leveraging a subscription-based model, our marketplace dramatically reduces the time and costs of hiring qualified software sales professionals.

Q: How exactly does it work?

A: Candidates create a sales-centric profile on our platform for free. SalesInsider then screens the candidates to ensure that they meet our quality thresholds and matches them with Employers that need to fill specific saas sales jobs. Employers can look at candidates and interview them for free; once they hire a candidate we charge them a competitive Success Fee that they can pay over a 12 month period instead of a lump sum like traditional recruiters. We also provide a 90 day guarantee to the Employer for any hires made on the SalesInsider platform. Traditional recruiting models reward luck and minimal effort by the recruiter. Our model transfers a equal portion of the risk from the Employer back to the Recruiter – where we believe it should be.

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Q: What type of client would benefit the most from your service?

A: Any SaaS company or software company looking to hire qualified sales professionals with proven track records and staying power.

Q: Why are you solely focused on sales jobs for the saas / software market?

A: Today’s job boards and job marketplaces are far too generalized to align with successful sales candidate matching. Companies like Indeed, Monster and even Linkedin are trying to serve all roles for every industry. While that makes their market opportunity very expansive it also makes their job search results very shallow, very inefficient and very inaccurate.

I like the phrase by the sales expert Aaron Ross, “If you are talking to everyone, no one can hear you.” Sales candidates are lost in the sea of noise when they post their resumes on regular job sites. SaaS sales professionals are mixed in with construction workers, retail store clerks, engineers, executives, customer support representatives, etc. With so much noise – how does a sales professional stand out? With so many different industries, markets, roles and resumes – how can a job site make any sort of accurate recommendation for the candidates or for the employers? The data on these sites is unstructured, the taxonomies are not categorized properly nor do they capture the sales-centric details that SaaS sales professionals and employers care about. By focusing on one niche market, we can achieve provide accurate results and make relevant matches, thus providing a more targeted and streamlined experience for both candidates and employers.

Q: How do you identify the best salespeople? Any special characteristics?

A: Good sales people are very transparent about their performance and their ambitions. They are not coy or secretive about their background or sales performance.

Your best salespeople are driven, ambitious and articulate about their sales numbers; all while still being empathetic to the person on the other end of the phone line / Zoom meeting.

Today’s job market is extremely competitive and verified, top producing sales talent is hard to find. At SalesInsider we take a deep look at the salesperson’s selling experience, industry experience and performance.

We are also working on partnering with a few companies to augment our matching algorithm with personality and behavioral tests to increase the likelihood of a good match. These tests will go beyond a good match and venture into the elusive “culture and personality fit” within an organization.

Q: Why is today’s market inefficient?

A: Today’s job market is not transparent enough. Employers withhold critical details about the sales job they are trying to fill like OTE (On Target Earnings), Base Salary and details about the performance of the current sales team. At the same time, Candidates tend to exaggerate their sales background, their performance and their capabilities. The lack of information in the hiring process ends up wasting a tremendous amount of time for both parties. Many times, 2 to 3 cycles of messages, emails and phone calls are wasted before either party knows if they want to continue.

The only way to solve this is to “flatten” the sales job marketplace and make the process and the information on both sides of the marketplace more transparent.

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Q: What can we expect from SalesInsider in the future?

A: We are still a young startup – but our ambitions are quite large. Today, we are focused exclusively on the SaaS / Software Sales market in Los Angeles. We’ve done placements across the country but our efforts are focused on the Greater Los Angeles market. Once we’ve cracked the code here in Los Angeles – we will be expanding to other large metro-areas across the country in the US. A national saas / software sales job marketplace does not exist today – but we have a very clear plan on how we are going to achieve that. When you look further into the future, it is easy to extrapolate how our saas sales marketplace model could easily be applied to other sales industries such as pharmaceutical sales, medical sales, insurance, automotive, aviation, etc. Our future is holds no limits.