Meet RatherChat – Customizable Website Assistant That Steers The Conversation Towards Desired Actions

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Below is our recent interview with Gregory Gilpin, Executive at RatherChat:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to RatherChat?

A: RatherChat is a customizable website assistant that steers the conversation towards desired actions. The result is an increase in user engagement and monetization of websites.

We’ve built an extremely intuitive product that our clients can have up and running within minutes and have the ability to make any adjustments to the consumer experience on the fly, based on learning’s from real-time data.

Q: How exactly does it work?

A: It starts by pinpointing the customer’s reason for visiting your website and providing real-time answers that guide them down a specific path. For some clients that path may be to a sale. Others may use it to answer frequently asked questions efficiently without the need for a live agent’s involvement. Whatever the ideal result, RatherChat can quickly be customized to steer the conversation in that direction.

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Q: What types of businesses would benefit from using RatherChat?

A: I think it’s safe to assume that any business that has a website would like to see a reduction in website drop-off. I think it’s also safe to assume that every business would like to increase their average earnings per site visit.

The reality is that it’s not always convenient for a consumer to pick up the phone, and filling out a web form doesn’t allow them to get immediate feedback.

So what is happening to those people that don’t want to pick up the phone right now but would like their questions answered right away? They are leaving your site and will move on to another site in search of immediate answers.

RatherChat allows your business to engage with these consumers who may otherwise not take action. It also allows your business to be available for your customer-base outside of normal business hours.

“The International Business Awards” (IBA’s), honored RatherChat at their 16th Annual International Business Awards® in the category of Business Technology Solutions. Considering they are the world’s premier business awards program, what did that mean to you? Was there a sense of validation in hearing that more than 250 executives worldwide were praising the technology you had built?

Absolutely. This is a product that we spent almost three years building and tweaking to a point where we felt that it added the value we intended it to. We also tested the product extensively with select online businesses to make sure that they saw improved metrics as a result. So considering the amount of time and effort we sunk into RatherChat’s development, it’s certainly rewarding to be acknowledged by the business community.