Meet Neoteny – The Global Leading Company For Anti-Viral Solutions!

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Below is our recent interview with Stewart Kim, the Founder & CEO of Neoteny:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Neoteny?

A: As a chemical company specializing in films, NEOTENY is broadening its business areas by developing and distributing film and chemical products in addition to providing management consulting and M&A consulting services for the chemical industry. ACLIV is NEOTENY’s business division in charge of the antiviral product group.

NEOTENY is based in Korea and all the products are fully designed and made in Korea too.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your core competence?

A: 1. We have the world’s best and proven technology in anti-viral solutions.

At the test conducted targeting the COVID-19 virus, ACLIV antiviral film killed 99.9% of the virus within 30 minutes. This is by far the most outstanding result among those of antiviral tests conducted on the COVID-19 virus so far. Previously, Hexis of France had produced the best result of killing the virus in approximately one hour. The viral extinction time of most ISO 21702-certified products is around 24 hours.

ISO 21702 is an antimicrobial surface test that performs the measurement of antiviral activity on plastics and other non-porous surfaces. Among around 50 antibacterial and antiviral film brands across the world, only five including NEOTENY have obtained ISO 21702 certification.

In August 2020, ACLIV of NEOTENY has been certified ISO 21702 in Japan with its performance against Influenza A virus recognized by an international standard research center of Japan. Recently, it also won the European certification, CE (Conformité Européene), for antiviral and antibacterial effects.

Having won recognition for its antiviral film technological power, NEOTENY entered into a confidentiality agreement with the world’s top-five pharmaceutical company based in Europe. NEOTENY is currently collaborating with this company in applying the antiviral film ACLIV to medical devices.

2. NEOTENY have the world-class hard-coating and adhesive technology that are the key requirements for mobile screen protectors.

NEOTENY carried out numerous hard-coating related projects for global companies. For example, Scuff-Free Matte OPP film developed based on NEOTENY’s hard-coating technology was used for early models of APPLE iPhone.

NEOTENY has in-depth knowledge about ‘adhesive’ and carried out a global research project for adhesive ordered by the Korean government.

Also, Korea has a great infrastructure for screen protectors since Samsung and LG that use a lot of display films are based in Korea.

3. NEOTENY is capable of providing customized products that have high level of technology and flexibility in production.

Often global companies such as Bayer want customized products and NEOTENY handles it properly.

Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: 1) B2B business: Global Pharmaceutical & Medical Companies

Hospitals are the places that need antiviral and antibacterial solutions the most.

In the respect, NEOTNEY is closely working with Bayer Global and are in the process of applying customized products to Bayer’s medical equipment.

2) B2C business: Smartphone and Tablet PC Users

According to BBC news and medical experts, viruses can survive for up to 28 days on the mobile phone touchscreen.

ACLIV’s screen protectors are the single anti-virus screen protectors in the market.

The core elements of a screen protector are the surface hard coating technology, which is aimed at increasing durability against scratch, and silicon adhesive, which is applied to the surface of a device.

Silicon adhesive of inferior quality reduces the lifespan of the devices it is applied to and also lowers permeability by causing the formation of air bubbles and the rainbow effect. NEOTENY developed a touch screen protector of stable quality by applying the hard coating technology it had developed and a precision silicon adhesive used for semiconductors.

Q: Can you tell us something more about your services?

A: 1) NEOTENY provide standard products including anti-virus screen protectors, film rolls and applied products such as pouch bag and keyboard cover.

2) NEOTENY provide a total solution services for B2B clients.

We visit the client’s site, analyze their needs and then send ACLIV’s installation team to the client. The installation team install the antivirus film in high touch surfaces such as lift, door handle, kiosk, etc professionally.

According to a contract, ACLIV’s team manage the installed areas and regularly change the film for a contract period.

3) NEOTENY supply customized solutions for a large corporation that has more special requirements. Product size, technical properties and so on can be modified as per the client’s requirement.

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Q: What can we expect from Neoteny in next 6 months? What are your plans?

A: According to medical experts, in everyday lives, people often get infected with viruses and get illness caused by bacteria without realizing it.

Prolonged Corona periods have made people realize it and use of antiviral solutions will likely be a kind of ‘norm’ even after the corona period.

Now, more people understand we always have to control viruses and bacteria.

NEOTENY’s solutions will play a role in controlling the virus and bacteria, becoming the global No.1 antiviral solution.

NEOTENY will ultimately help consumers keep enjoying healthy life by providing them with the solutions.