Meet eMurmur – Technology Partner To The Global Healthcare Community

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eMurmur, a technology partner to the global healthcare community, announces the world’s first open software platform for advanced digital auscultation (stethoscope technology) is now available in the US. It makes improved screening for heart, lung, and bowel health accessible to hardware and telehealth providers throughout the US. The eMurmur platform is hardware neutral and runs on iOS, Android, and common browsers, making it the first open and widely accessible auscultation technology. Healthcare providers can use it with their existing digital stethoscope, enabling them to better screen, monitor, and diagnose.

Heart and lung disease are leading causes of death globally for both men and women. Auscultation (meaning “to listen with a stethoscope”) is a 200+ year-old method to screen for heart and lung disease by listening for abnormal sounds, used worldwide for patients of all ages. It’s an integral step in providing primary care. eMurmur has modernized this traditional technology to improve outcomes for physicians and patients.

“The eMurmur platform allows healthcare providers to listen to the human body with a degree of clarity greatly valued by even the most highly trained ear. Our technology can be used in-person, remotely, or asynchronously to screen patients for early warning signs related to heart, lung, and bowel health.” said Andreas Schriefl, founder and CEO of eMurmur. “What makes eMurmur unique is that we are an open platform for third party digital stethoscopes and telehealth providers. We are increasingly seeing new innovative stethoscopes coming to market and welcome them to use our world class auscultation software to access our cutting-edge capabilities.”

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eMurmur is also pleased to announce its US distribution partner MobilDrTech Inc. Anyone interested in a free trial of the eMurmur software can download the iOS or Android app. MobilDrTech sells a variety of compatible digital stethoscopes and offers demos of the eMurmur platform.

“The appetite for advanced healthcare technologies that support virtual consultations and offer a high degree of confidence in early heart, lung and bowel screening is in demand,” said Nat Gist, MobilDrTech Inc. “The pandemic has made telehealth a critical part of our healthcare system and working with eMurmur to bring this potentially lifesaving technology and open platform to the US market means that more Americans will benefit from early detection and receive the high-quality healthcare they deserve.”

eMurmur’s digital records enable providers to evaluate patient conditions over time, as well as consult with colleagues outside of the examination setting. Using advanced engineering, eMurmur makes it possible for healthcare providers to screen, monitor, diagnose, and consult on heart, lung and bowel irregularities with greater certainty.

For a free trial of the eMurmur platform, download the eMurmur app and sign up at App Store and Play Store.