Meet CallEngine – Performance-Based Advertising Agency That Specializes In Pay Per Call Marketing

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Below is our recent interview with Ryan McVey, CEO at CallEngine:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to CallEngine?

A: We’re a performance-based advertising agency that specializes in Pay Per Call marketing. We reach prospective customers of service-based businesses when they are most likely to make a purchase and we connect them to the service provider who can best meet their needs. Our clients compensate us a set fee for each qualified sales call that they receive.

Q: Some of the largest credit repair companies in the United States have sung the praises of CallEngine. What do you think it is about your service offering that has led to your reputation as a leader in the credit repair space?

A: I think It’s probably a combination of several things. For one, every single call that we deliver to our clients stems from our own internal media buying. We don’t purchase calls from third party affiliates, which means we have 100% control over what we deliver. The real upside to this is the visibility it gives us into key metrics of the campaign at any given time. We’re able to quickly decipher which marketing efforts are resulting in sales and which are not. From there, we can make adjustments to consistently improve ROI for our clients. So I would say that our ability to optimize quickly is a key factor in our success not only in the credit repair space but in all the verticals that we participate in.

The positive praise that we receive in the credit repair space is likely just amplified due the the sheer volume of quality calls that we’ve been able to deliver over the past few years. Any time you can deliver high quality and high volume in a compliant manner, it’s bound to get people talking so considering we’re the largest provider of search-based credit repair calls in the industry, it makes sense. But our approach is no different with credit repair than it is with any other campaign.

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Q: What other types of businesses can CallEngine benefit?

A: Generally speaking, if you’re a service-based business with a call centre and are looking to feed that call centre with a steady stream of sales calls, there’s a good chance that we can help you out. We actively deliver calls in many different verticals, ranging from Medicare Supplement Insurance to Plumbing.

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Q: What can we expect from CallEngine in the future?

A: Continued growth and development of additional revenue streams made possible through new technology builds. The future looks bright!