Meet BigChange – The Leading Mobile Workforce Management Technology Company For The Service And Transport Sectors

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Below is our recent interview with Martin Port, Founder & CEO of BigChange:

Q: This is the first time we have spoken. Can you provide a brief overview of BigChange?

A: BigChange is the leading mobile workforce management technology company for the service and transport sectors. We were founded in 2013 to revolutionise mobile workforce management, liberate organisations of all sizes from time-consuming paperwork and help them become greener and more efficient. Our technology and 170 people in the UK and France are now doing that for 50,000 mobile workers and back-office personnel at 1,500 organisations around the world.

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Q: How can your solution help companies?

A: JobWatch is a software-as-a-service offering that connects back office employees, mobile workers and customers, and enables tradespeople to run their businesses on the move. The single 5 in 1 platform eliminates paperwork and enables engineers to spend less time on the road or filling out forms, and more time completing jobs.

Our customers can reduce their carbon emissions dramatically with JobWatch, create more efficient and agile operations, and encourage safer driving by employees. We’ve got customers saving thousands of hours a year simply by eliminating data entry duplication and saving hundreds of thousands of litres of fuel a year as a result of working with us. We’ve calculated that, on average, companies save £15 for every £1 they spend with BigChange.

Q: Can you tell us something about your pricing?

A: Historically, companies wanting to adopt mobile workforce technology were forced to invest substantial sums of money upfront to introduce and integrate the technology with their systems. We changed that by offering JobWatch as a cloud-based solution on a simple per-user monthly payment basis. This made introducing our platform as straightforward as purchasing a new mobile phone contract, and comparable in price to that too. It means that organisations of any size can use JobWatch and achieve return on investment from the word go.

Q: You’ve recently raised £75 Million in funding; can you tell us something more?

A: Our partnership with Great Hill is a big change for BigChange. While the day-to-day management team hasn’t changed, we now have a partner with an amazing track-record of scaling software companies in the UK and overseas, and the financial firepower to accelerate expansion and take the company global. You can expect to see more innovation and product development from BigChange, as well as expansion into new territories around the world.

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Q: What can we expect from you in 2021? What are your plans?

A: One of our biggest areas of focus at the moment is recruitment. We are increasing the size of the team to over 200 people, investing for growth in sales, development and marketing, as well as in our fantastic operations and customer support functions. We are also exploring acquisition opportunities as we look to strengthen our existing businesses in the UK and France, and take our first steps into the US and Asia Pacific.