Medtel – The Company Dedicated To Creating Solutions That Address The Root Causes Of Healthcare Challenges

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Below is our recent interview with Harold Mondschein, CEO and Co-founder of Medtel:

arold Mondschein

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Medtel?

A: Improving outcomes and reducing costs for patients is imperative in today’s healthcare landscape, but despite large investments in EMRs, providers rely heavily on manual-based processes (faxes and phone calls) to connect their surgical offices with their hospital and ASCs. Medtel saw this as a missed opportunity to leverage data, and as a result, created a software solution that makes it easy for hospitals and offices to use, implement, and connect with the team members involved in every aspect of surgical care. In 2013, Medtel launched the first surgical care management platform designed to assist providers in successfully transitioning to value-based care. Today, providers rely on Medtel to facilitate collaboration, leverage data, and use data driven decisions to deliver the best possible outcomes. They credit us with helping them deliver best in class care at the lowest possible costs.

Q: You’ve recently joined the Oklahoma Hospital Association’s (OHA) Preferred Partner Network; could you tell us something more?

A: The Oklahoma Hospital Association is an incredible organization with an unparalleled dedication to their membership. As a result, this partnership is a natural fit. OHA is committed to assisting their provider base with making the best decisions to support patient outcomes. Medtel is able to ensure this by providing customized selection guidelines and data analysis of surgical procedures. Medtel has a proven track record of assisting healthcare providers in successfully transitioning to value-based care and optimizing their surgical care process. The OHA members will immediately see the value of implementation and how it will help their teams provide a superior patient experience while managing the cost of care.

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Q: What is Medtel’s Mission?

A: Medtel is dedicated to creating solutions that address the root causes of healthcare challenges and ensuring those technology solutions are easily adopted and implemented in any provider-based environment.

Q: Could give us more insights into your platform?

A: It is simple. If you do not offer your providers an easy technology to implement and adopt, you do not have a solution or a sustainable business. We built the Medtel solution with that understanding.

As life expectancy increases accompanied by a simultaneous surge in healthcare spending, value-based care is emerging as a solution to address rising healthcare costs,” says Harold Mondschein, CEO and Founder of Medtel. “Improving outcomes and reducing costs for patients is imperative, but despite large investments in electronic medical records, surgical care continues to rely heavily on manual-based processes. Care givers complain that their EMRs’ tether them to a computer and limit their capabilities to facilitate collaborative care. As patient care shifts away from the traditional hospital setting, executives are beginning to look for solutions to funnel patients into the appropriate care setting with the right care personnel. We see an increased trend in healthcare executives investing in solutions such as Medtel to maximize their EMR investments and ensure that their team is armed with the tools necessary to be successful in today’s landscape.

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Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: We have several implementations in progress. We dedicate resources to ensure each of our providers – patients, surgeons and staff – are fully integrated and capitalizing on their Medtel investment. As we partner with each provider, and monitor their progress, we uncover several opportunities for their organization to improve their processes. Understanding the needs and challenges our customers face assists us in identifying and prioritizing our own growth opportunities. These are challenging times for providers. It is important that they feel supported and can rely on their Medtel partners to assist them as they successfully transition to value-based care.