Marlin Helps Managers Reach Employees Using the Latest SaaS-Based Technology Solutions

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Below is our recent interview with Jude Carter, VP Marketing at Marlin:

Jude Carter

Q: Jude, tell us something more about The Marlin Company?

A: Marlin, a workplace digital signage company, helps managers reach employees using the latest SaaS-based technology solutions delivered to flat screens that are typically located in common areas where employees gather, such as break rooms and cafeterias Designed specifically for the workplace, Marlin’s patented digital signage products are known for their ease of use, robust content options and flexibility. For 105 years, Marlin has developed and delivered visual communication programs that engage, inform and motivate employees.

Q: Tell us more about your solution. Aside from the software itself, what is it made of?

A: A typical digital signage solution includes a screen, a media player and software. Marlin is unique in that it focuses exclusively on the workplace, whereas most digital signage companies focus on the business-to-consumer market where it is used for marketing and advertising purposes. Our patented software was designed specifically for the workplace and is known for its ease of use, which is a benefit for non-technical users. Marlin is the only digital signage supplier that provides industry-specific content included in its program.

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Q: You’ve recently been granted a new patent for your enterprise communication feature; could you tell us something more?

A: Digital signage is a visual communication channel. While it’s important to choose the right hardware and software and to consider screen size and location, the real impact comes from the content. The most effective workplace digital signage programs are those that have clear objectives about what they want to communicate, why and to whom. This should influence how a company evaluates content management software. Targeting messages to the right audience is a key factor in reaching the right employees to reinforce what’s most important to them Marlin’s enterprise feature offers the flexibility to send global messages and, at the same time assign permissions at all levels of the organization so that localized content can be created.

Q: Why is trust important when communicating with employees?

A: Today’s employees value transparency. They want to know how the company is doing. Is it stable? What are their prospects for future employment opportunities? Digital signage is a very effective platform for CEO town halls, displaying KPIs on the company’s performance, and recognizing employees who are promoted or receive additional training, both of which reinforce growth opportunities.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are focused on developing innovative, rich content that helps companies keep their employees informed and engaged. We are taking creative approaches to help companies communicate to a 4-geenration workforce. Compliance is a big area for us, especially around safety. We work with a companies in manufacturing, logistics, transportation and utility where regulatory compliance is a way of life. Digital signage is very effective at visually reinforcing procedures and policies.