MailClark Bridges The Gap Between Team Messaging And External Communications

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MailClark centralizes all your external communications—email, Twitter, Facebook—in Slack or MS Teams so you no longer need to switch between different tools. The messages an organization must handle are so numerous & so scattered. By bringing all messages to a team’s favorite communication tool, MailClark allows organizations to collectively manage their communications. The company’s bot MailClark does the busywork: Collect, filter, dispatch, process messages, store & prepare replies.

Below is our interview with Anthony Bleton-Martin, CEO of MailClark:


Q: What is the story behind MailClark, how did you start?

A: Our team previously worked closely together at Novius — a 35-people strong digital agency founded in 1996 by Anthony Bleton-Martin. We designed and developed several software projects including a Content Management System, an emailing solution and Enterprise Social Software.

Our last project at Novius — Reso-Nova, an Enterprise Social Software solution — lead us to the conclusion that email won’t disappear at the working place. We therefore decided to create Clubble to improve the email experience rather than trying to “kill” email.

After a first service of mailing lists 2.0, Clubble pivoted and designed MailClark, the email bot for Slack. A first version was launched under the brand in September 2015. MailClark was officially launched in March 2016.

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Q: What makes you unique in the market?

A: We’re the most integrated and comprehensive email integration for entreprise chat. Our competitors require users to learn and use their dedicated interface, our learning curve is one of the market’s best as all actions can be carried out directly from Slack or MS Teams.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’re currently hiring a Director of Marketing to work on our customer acquisition.

In parallel, we aim to improve our bot with the addition of machine learning technologies to our current offer.