MagicLinks Helps Brands Invest And Scale Creator Partnerships Through Data-Driven E-Commerce Platform

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Below is our recent interview with Brian Nickerson, CEO & Co-founder of MagicLinks.

Q: Please provide our readers with a brief introduction to your company.

A: Innovation is the heart of our company. At MagicLinks we help brands invest and scale creator partnerships through our data-driven e-commerce platform, community of over 21K vetted content creators, and more than $1B of online transactions. As our core partnerships connect influencers and brands within the fast-moving, highly innovative social video space, our very existence is predicated on our ability to innovate. We’re the first social commerce company to become a Certified B Corporation as a Business For Good, and we’re a proud member of 1% For the Planet.

Q: Tell us about MagicLinks recently being included on Inc. Magazine’s annual list of the Pacific Region’s fastest-growing private companies in America?

A: Being recognized for our growth is always an honor. This was the second year in a row in which we received this recognition, ranking at #21 this year with a two-year revenue growth of 571%. This growth is a testament to our team’s incredible hard work. Our employees are pros at keeping their fingers on the pulse of what new trends are emerging each and every day, which has allowed MagicLinks to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to all things social commerce, as well as predicting, building and innovating the next big thing. I’m extremely grateful for all the hard work and future-thinking that has allowed us to help brands invest intelligently in the creator economy with scalable results.

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Q: Can you share more insights into MagicLinks’ offering?

A: MagicLinks is an award-winning Certified B Corporation that powers social commerce through an exclusive marketplace for video influencers and the worlds’ leading brands. When it comes to content creators, our technology enables them to earn steady income by sharing the products they love with their fans. Our network of creators is incredibly diverse and reflective of our values. We have a 30% minimum racial diversity requirement for brands investing through our platform, which encourages entry to valuable new markets while providing a more equal playing field for the creator economy.

In regards to brand partners, we’re able to provide them with end-to-end solutions for influencer marketing success across all social video platforms. One of the ways in which we do this is through Match Intelligence™, our proprietary data engine that transforms brand relationships with influencers into scalable, sales-driving vehicles. Built on $1B GMV in transactions across 21K influencers, we’re able to strategically educate global retail leaders on which influencers will drive positive ROI for their brand, ultimately leading to long-term, exclusive partnership opportunities to bring new products to market.

Q: What can we expect from MagicLinks in the next 6 months?

A: We’re expanding our technology and capabilities to support our brand partners’ investments in the creator economy. This includes expansion of our Gifting Suite solutions, as well as optimizing our platform with proprietary, first-party data to support faster time-to-value for creators and brands. Our product suite, which includes Match Intelligence™, In-Bio™ and Text2Shop™, will be further enhanced with capabilities like live shopping, network acceleration, and Creator NFTs to provide an end-to-end solution for brands to drive ecommerce ROI by tapping into the creator economy. This year we will also be launching our very first partnerships in CPG and alcohol categories, opening vast new content verticals and opportunities.

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Q: What is the best thing about your company that people might not know about?

A: We spend a lot of time and energy finding great people to join our team. Our hardworking and talented employees lead with integrity from a heart-centered space to create a fun, healthy, and high-performing culture. With our offices located in the heart of an eclectic artist community in Venice Beach, we mix philanthropy with business, support each other in cutting-edge technology developments and people leadership skills, and genuinely embrace work with joy and hustle.