MachEye’s AI-Powered BI Platform Creates A Google + YouTube Experience For Analytics That Helps Every Business User Explore Data And Find Intelligence

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Below is our recent interview with Ramesh Panuganty, CEO & Founder of MachEye:

Q: For those who have never heard of it, how would you describe MachEye?

A: MachEye’s AI-powered BI platform creates a Google + YouTube experience for analytics that helps every business user explore data and find intelligence.

We add a ‘play’ button to data, meaning that we enable users to talk to the data, and the data actually talks back!

With MachEye, enterprises are equipped with a single, integrated platform that delivers insights as interactive audio-visuals, combined with natural search and click-less intelligence. MachEye is built for the cloud with AI as an architecture and discovers secure and governed business insights without limits.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your services?

A: Traditional BI is complicated and inefficient, and requires rigorous training and implementation to use. It operates on the ‘what you ask is what you get’ paradigm. Users are expected to ask exactly the right questions to get the information they need.

Knowing the right questions solves half the problem. But what if there are unknown but important developments happening in the business?

MachEye provides Google-like searches and recommendations that empower business users to find and interact with data on their own, which fosters independent exploration of new insights. Eventually users will automatically get personalized insights without searching – a unique feature we call ‘click-less intelligence.’

Q: How private and secure are your users’ information?

A: We not only address security, but also give governance for the data.

At the very outset, we do not store any of the customer’s data and only fetch data based on user’s requests and discard it once the processing is done. The network traffic is encrypted while in transit and while at rest. We also support secure authorization and authentication with the customer’s data stores.

The data governance permits the organization to empower business users access to data while retaining individual controls on what data underlying elements they can and cannot see.

Q: You’ve recently raised $4,600,000 in Seed funding; can you tell us something more?

A: When I first met with Canaan Partners, which led our seed round, I wasn’t really looking for an investment. But after an informal meeting that ended up lasting most of the day, I received an offer the next morning.

That’s how impactful the idea is. Our investors believe we’ve created a solution that will completely transform the way analytics and BI operate.

We expect that in the next three to five years, all BI platforms will strive to emulate what we’ve built.

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Q: What are your plans and goals for the future?

A: We plan to continue to increase our hypergrowth in customers, revenue, and company headcount.

We have a lot of exciting product updates in the pipeline, such as an Alexa app that will enable enterprise users to listen to a podcast of business headlines on-the-go. Also, we’re partnering with many of the major data warehousing companies to offer our AI capabilities seamlessly on their platforms.

Our vision is that anyone and everyone in an enterprise organization will come to MachEye with business questions.