Mace Security International Delivers Personal Defense And Security Products To Consumers Under The Renowned Mace Brand

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Mace Security International, Inc., located in Cleveland, OH, is a diversified manufacturer and provider of personal defense and security products to consumer and business market segments under the renowned Mace Brand.

Below is our recent interview with John McCann, CEO and President of Mace Security International:

John McCann

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Mace Security?

A: Since 1970, Mace® Brand has been the original trusted brand for personal defense sprays, while continuously adding high-quality security products to the brand line throughout the year. Mace® Brand supports its products through warranty and educational programs.

Mace® Brand directly distributes and supports its branded products and services through strategically targeted customer channels, which include mass-market retailers, wholesale distributors, independent dealers and e-commerce marketers.

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Q: Tell us more about your products. What makes them unique?

A: Mace® Brand products are unique to the self-defense retail industry, as it has produced innovative model types that are not seen in any other pepper spray and personal defense brand. Our Flip and Grip model type, which can be seen on the Mace® Brand Peppergard Personal and Pocket models as well as many others allows the user to ergonomically hold the pepper spray and defense themselves while holding it with comfort.

Not only does Mace® Brand have a trademarked design for some of our pepper sprays, Mace® Brand thinks outside of the box when it comes to pepper spray designs. Mace® Brand goes above and beyond to think of different ways that customers could carry pepper spray, personal alarm and stun guns in a convenient way. The casing for each pepper spray in that collections are unique and diverse from the other pepper spray products that are out on the market with the different shapes, formulas and colors they come in.

The personal alarm collection are all conveniently designed to make it easy to carry personal alarms with you at all times, just like our pepper sprays. Our personal alarms are tailored for everyone out there; the Personal Alarm Clip is perfect for elders seeking assistance; Personal Alarm Wristlet is a perfect alarm for the active person; Personal Alarm Heart and Large Personal Alarm Heart are two perfect alarm options for someone that is looking for a unique personal alarm design. We just named a few personal alarm options but we have more to choose from on (Go check out our newly designed website!)

Mace® Brand also has a vast array of stun guns with varying micro-coulombs, unit of electric charge, that exceed 0.8. To put that in perspective as how much pain that produces, in a 2011 National Institute of Justice Special Report, it said that, “Subjects reported pain on average at 0.5 micro-coulombs, and intolerable pain at 1.0 micro-coulombs (μC).”

To add along to this list of products that Mace® Brand sells; LED safety products and home safety alarms and products are also offered. Our LED safety products, which include an LED Safety Band and LED Safety Clips, are perfect for the active person; making them visible outside in dim light. The home safety alarm collection has a wide array of alarms for every part of your house from a Window Alarm to Sliding Door Alarm. You can have peace of mind when you have a Mace® Brand products protecting your house when you are home or away.

Q: Would you recommend using wasp spray for self-defense?

A: Oh no, not the Wasp Spray myth again! The story that a canister of wasp spray is a preferable alternative to pepper spray for self-protection has been circulating for several years. Is it true? The intended purpose of a wasp spray is to eradicate the wasp. Period, the end. No police department, local or otherwise, would recommend for self-defense the use of a product which is designed to penetrate the nervous system of an insect and kill it. Furthermore, since insect repellants are regulated by the U.S. EPA, it is a violation of federal law to use the product in a manner inconsistent with its labeling. While not commonplace, there are cases cited on the EPA enforcement website related to the intentional misuse of pesticides ( More importantly, since wasp spray is a poison and never intended as a self-defense item, there have been no meaningful studies conducted to suggest that it would stop an attacker. On the other hand, pepper spray has been field tested since early 1980 and has a proven track record as an effective, temporarily debilitating agent. In conclusion, don’t trust your safety to a wasp spray. It’s dangerous and not effective.

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Q: What are your customers saying about you? Are they satisfied?

A: Mace® Brand customers are loyal and trust in the brand name. From the reviews that are received on and on social media channels, customers repeatedly say how well Mace® Brand product work and their dependability.

Not only do we get product reviews, we also receive testimonials about how a Mace® Brand safety product saved their lives. These type of reviews are near and dear to the employees here at Mace® Brand heart’s because this is the reason that the employees come into work each and every day. From the employees that work in the warehouse putting together the products to the CEO John McCann, all employees are giving people the products to be safe, which will in turn help them be empowered to live their life to the fullest.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: As we move forward, Mace® Brand will continue to be the thought leader in safety and security, designing the best safety products on the market and delivering first-rate safety information and knowledge. Mace® Brand sees itself as being a global leader when it comes to safety and security and the sky’s the limit for the future.