Liquit Provides IT Departments The Ability To Smoothly Revolutionize The Way They Offer IT Resources To Employees

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Below is our recent interview with Linda LaPorta, President Americas at Liquit:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Liquit?

A: Liquit is a forward thinking software company intent on solving the plaguing issues around the digital end-user experience, while simplifying the administrative experience. Liquit offers a comprehensive suite of application aggregation, delivery and management software that integrates with existing solutions and allows customers to immediately bridge the gap between legacy and cloud. We enable our partners and customers to consolidate, change and future proof their infrastructure without any end-user interruption.

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Q: What do you mean by “application aggregation” and why is that important?

A: Bringing the desktop to the cloud is difficult for large enterprise customers. One of the reasons is that they have applications that are “legacy”, meaning not capable of being “cloud ready”. Another reason is that they may have a VDI platform that is not capable of delivering certain applications to the end-user in the best way possible. Ideally, they may need a combination of delivery mechanisms. We are agnostic. We can combine and connect to legacy platforms as well as all virtualization tools, virtualization platforms, management consoles and clouds. We then aggregate and give one single administrative tool to deploy and manage the applications. This flexibility enables the customer or partner to choose the best of all worlds in order to deliver an amazing end-user experience. This innovative approach also gives the customer the option to manage their own applications while still moving their infrastructure to the cloud, or hybrid clouds; thus removing their fear of vendor lock-in.

Q: Can you give us insights into your products? What are the benefits of using them?

A: Our design is to make the end-user and administrative experience “silly-simple”. Think of turning your water faucet on to pour a glass of water. You don’t think anything of it. There is no need to know the process of getting that water into your glass. That is what Liquit does for the end-user and the administrator. Behind the scenes is a comprehensive suite of technology that removes the complexity and addresses all the issues of security, automation, access, delivery. We allow you to connect to what you have in order to immediately improve the end-user environment and take your time offloading any redundant old infrastructure. OPEX can be dramatically reduced and there is no worry about the impact to the user.

Our unique IP is multi-fold. Integration and aggregation is one. Our Aggregated Icons is another. We publish our Aggregated Icon to the client and we enable “contextual awareness”, which means we have the ability to go through a series of questions like where are they, what device are they using, what is the closest authorized printer, what is the fastest network, etc. and in a split second determine the best way to deliver their application. We are aggregating everything (applications, actions, filters etc) so that the end-user has one single sign on and no need to know or do another thing other than be a productive employee or client.

Our aggregated smart icon technology makes employees happier with their workspace, more mobile and more productive. We make an administrator dramatically more productive via our automated Release and Patch software. Our administrative console is exceptional on its own , yet can also aggregate the abilities of others. Our integration and aggregation allows companies to connect with what they have today, and not worry about the future.

Q: You say “future proof”, can you expand on this?

A: Once you publish our aggregated smart icons to the client, they have everything they need in their portal. The Liquit console is responsible for delivering the applications. We do not care where they are located. Just tell us and we will get them. This means you can move things in the background and never affect the end user. We simply get the applications from a different location. So, work with what today offers for technology and sleep well knowing that you are not tied to it. You can work with tomorrows’ technology when tomorrow comes.

Q: Appnostix was acquired by Liquit in order to expand into the U.S. market; could you tell us something more?

A: Appnostix and Liquit have exceptional synergy. Both companies grew through the early VDi days and understand the limitations of the various application virtualization techniques and platforms. Both companies developed based upon the idea that in order to solve the modern workspace issues, that we must be agnostic and work with everyone. Liquit and Appnostix also have the same channel sales model. I realized that Liquit was dramatically further ahead of Appnostix, as it relates to administration, end-user experience and Appnostix has code that could help with their long term roadmap. We quickly agreed that it makes much better sense to join forces. Appnostix knows the market, has a channel and strategic alliance relationships in the US. Liquit has grown exponentially in EMEA and is now ready to invest in expanding to the US.

I’m happy to announce that we will be a certified integration partner with Microsoft WVD as of January 31st and we will be working to grow our partner channel in line with MicroSofts’ key partners. We will also be focused on working with the top intranet portal companies as we can easily work with their APIs and build a widget such that they can then publish any application (legacy and HTML) through their portal.

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Q: What can we expect from Liquit in 2020?

A: We are intent on building our relationship with Microsoft and hope to be part of their Lighthouse program such that we can work to help them onboard Fortune accounts.

Our goal is to build a significant pipeline in Q1 and Q2 and to onboard several Fortune customers by Q3.

Meanwhile we will be training existing channel partners and MSPs on how to sell and integrate Liquit and we will be building strategic alliances with various integrators and distribution channels.