LG G6 And Samsung Galaxy S8 Quick Comparison

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LG G6 has black and very smooth and simple package design. You get full-size USB to a USB type-c charging port with wall bricks, some ear buds and SIM ejector tool. Now, the phone is very shiny and that means it is very fingerprint prone phone. In the hand it feels great.


Size comparison wise, LG G6 looks to be like wider phone. In terms of thickness, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is less tick because it has those rounded edges, which makes it feel less thick; but LG feels thin enough. None of these have a front facing home buttons. Looking at the back of these phones you can see that there are dual cameras on the LG: one of them is wide-angle camera and the other one is standard view camera. There is also the fingerprint sensor location, which is more normal for devices like this; it’s supposed to be easier to reach and you’re not going to be smudging up your camera. There is also the flash between these two cameras. On the other hand, Galaxy S8 has the flash, the camera, and the fingerprint sensor.


Quality wise, these feel identical. Flipping at the bottom, you’ll find a speaker, microphone and the USB type-c ports for charging, and also the headphone jack on both of these phones. On top of Galaxy S8 there are also SIM card and micro SD card slots, whereas these slots are on the side of LG G6. The power button on the G6 is on the back and the power button on S8 I both on the side and on the back. And the volume rocker is on the left side as usual.