Lenda Raises $5.25M Series A Funding To Reimagine Homeownership, Starting With Home Loans

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Lenda is a direct lender that provides mortgages and refinance loans completely online. The company was created to address problems in the home buying and mortgage industry: high fees, confusion and trust. Every single team member at Lenda understands this need, and they thrive on providing a simple and honest way for customers to get a loan. Below is our interview with Jason van den Brand, CEO & Co-Founder of Lenda:


Q: You’ve recently announced $5.25 Million in Series A funding; could you tell us something more?

A: We’re thrilled about the response we’ve received so far from our customers to our simplified home loan process. We’re excited to use those funds to continue building a best-in-class home loan experience for borrowers that is honest, fast, and completely online. We’re also planning to grow both our team and enter into new states to serve more customers.

Q: How would you describe Lenda in your own words?

A: Lenda is different than the traditional big bank or lender — we don’t have as many fees and are upfront and efficient when it comes to getting loans completed quickly. Lenda also provides knowledgeable, tailored advice to customers who have lots of questions and may experience stress or anxiety. We help ease the fears by walking them through the process.

We want people to get into their new house or refinance as quickly as possible, with the least amount of confusion along the way.

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Q: What exactly does Lenda do?

A: Lenda provides home mortgages and refinance loans completely online. We’re a direct lender, which means we can move quickly through the mortgage application process and save the customer time and money.

Q: Tell us more about refinance process?

A: A homeowner who is interested in refinancing can answer a few questions on Lenda’s refinance page to get a loan estimate quickly. The process is done completely online and the customer an easily understand the numbers and calculation behind the refinance. For example, we can show them what rate they may be approved for, and how that impacts their finances.

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Q: What is your mission?

A: Our mission is to reimagine homeownership, starting with home loans.