Layer Logic Develops Unique Collaboration Solutions For Conference And Huddle Rooms That Enable Users To Share Any Type Of Content From Any Type Of Device

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Below is our recent interview with Kelly Harman, Vice President, Marketing at Layer Logic:

Kelly Harman

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Layer Logic?

A: Whether it’s figuring out the right input on the display, connecting the laptop, uploading the content, or hunting down the remote, there always seems to be some technology getting in the way of starting a meeting on time.

Collaboration is supposed to be seamless and spontaneous – something we feel is missing in many business meetings because of the technology, so Layer Logic was founded to solve this problem. Our first products are CoreTouch® and the Layer Logic App. CoreTouch is an award-winning appliance that provides a simple and inexpensive way to integrate and display content from up to four computers onto any Interactive Flat Panel (IFP). The Layer Logic App extends the functionality of CoreTouch to any smart device, allowing for the control, manipulation and updating of the content being displayed on the IFP from the smart device.

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Q: What are the key benefits of CoreTouch?

A: Up until now, it has not been possible to connect multiple sources, such as PCs or Macs, to a display and control those sources from the monitor itself. CoreTouch is the first to deliver this functionality, thereby making group collaboration far simpler when it comes to displaying, sharing and controlling content specific to a source.

We also support the cool new capabilities of the Microsoft Office Suite, such as annotation, from the monitor, over live applications like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and white boarding.

Q: Tell us more about the mobile app that works with CoreTouch. What does it offer?

A: Using the Layer Logic Mobile app with the CoreTouch appliance extends the functionality of CoreTouch to any smart device. Using any iOS or Android device, users can select what content they want displayed on the IFP from multiple layout options, plus control, update and manipulate that content from the app.

The app also provides a keyboard and trackpad so that users can control each source from their seat, enter data, or control the mouse. This means you no longer need a remote control to change inputs or select specific applications and content, you can do it from our app. This reduces or eliminates the need for expensive control systems.

You can also use the app for simple functions like clicking for the next slide on a PowerPoint presentation, highlighting a cell on a spreadsheet, or moving to the next page in a document.

Q: What value does CoreTouch bring to the AV Integrator Community?

A: Customers today are demanding a lot more from their meeting room designs. Single purpose spaces, like videoconferencing rooms, are no longer acceptable. They want rooms that support a multitude of requirements. Our appliance allows our channel partners to design rooms and spaces that can be used in a variety of ways, thus driving usage. And more usage means better ROI for their customers. CoreTouch is allowing AV Integrators to deliver meeting spaces that provide for increased utilization, improving the value proposition and ROI of their room designs and solutions.

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Q: What can we expect from Layer Logic in the future?

A: A continued commitment to simplifying collaboration in meetings through the development of solutions, like CoreTouch and our app, that remove the technology barrier from data sharing and spontaneous discussions.