LambdaTest Has Recently Managed To Raise $1M In A New Founding Round

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Below is our recent interview with Asad Khan, CEO of LambdaTest:

Asad Khan

Q: What is LambdaTest? For those who have never heard of it, tell us something more?

A: Today we love in an era where there are abundance smart connected devices, be it Smartphone, desktop, laptop or even Tablets. With more number of devices it becomes difficult for startups and big companies to make sure that their website or web applications looks pixel perfect no matter what browser or device a user sees it on.

To answer this problem LambdaTest has created a cloud based platform where users can perform Cross Browser Testing of their web applications in a combination of 2000+ Real browsers and operating systems on the go. It’s simple, intuitive and result oriented.

Key features:
• Perform real time testing across 2000+ combination of desktop & mobile browsers on cloud
• Execute automated screenshot and responsive testing of your website
• Debug with native debugging tools on desktop and mobile browsers
• Test your locally or privately hosted website using SSH Tunnel
• Smart UI testing to identify visual regression bugs
• One click bug logging to your favorite bug tracking tool like Asana, BitBucket, GitHub, JIRA, Microsoft VSTS, Slack, Trello etc.
• 24×7 support

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Q: What was the inspiration behind building LambdaTest and who is your ideal customer?

A: Our vision to make something Adobe has built for designers i:e a single suite where users can perform all tasks related to designing, photography, videos etc. Similarly our inspiration came from addressing the problem which testers and developers faces every day which is hopping on different platforms to make sure their website looks amazing.

With an aim to cut down steps included in testing web applications we came up with LambdaTest. We launched our manual cut in November 2017 and we will be launching our automation cut in December itself.

Any and every business that has a website is our customer no matter the geography, no matter the business. Majority of our sale comes from Startups who are developing their website, design agencies who design web applications in bulk and end user for his/her personal usage.

Q: Compared to other application testing platforms, what’s your advantage?

A: Our main aim is to break the monopoly which our competitors currently holds and to do so we offer various advantages like:

LambdaTest Advantages:
1. More browsers and device combination to choose from
2. Exclusive plugin for WordPress & Chrome
3. Local webpage testing feature
4. Competitive pricing

Q: You’ve recently managed to raise $1M, could you tell us something more?

A: It’s been over one year that LambdaTest has been functioning, our aim from the very beginning was to first create a stable product, market it and make it stand in front of our competitors. In just one year we have gained over 30,000 users from 132+ countries and we are growing at 45% month on month rate.

Now we felt is the right time to go for pre series A funding. We have received amazing feedback both from our users and the board who is confident that in next one year we will become the front runner in this cross browser testing race.

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Q: What are your plans for 2019?

A: Software testing market is growing at 22% YoY. Currently it is estimated at $34 billion market and it will reach to $84 billion by 2024, worldwide. Our aim for 2019 is to take as much share of the pie by launching innovative updates like Automation, Codeless automation and API testing.