Kumulos Raises $700K Seed Funding To Help Mobile App Development Businesses Do Better

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Kumulos is air traffic control for mobile apps. The Kumulos platform gives mobile app development businesses a single-pane-of-glass to manage every aspect of an app’s performance once it has been launched including App Store Optimisation (how easy is it to find the app in the store), Acquisition Analytics (how many new installs is the app getting), Audience Analytics (where in the world are these installs and on what platform and devices), Engagement and Retention Analytics (how recently and frequently do users use the app) as well as Push Notifications to improve engagement and increase retention. Below is our interview with Mark Petrie, CEO and Co-founder of Kumulos:


Q: You’ve recently announced $700K in Seed funding; could you tell us something more?

A: We just raised $700k in seed funding from a number of private investors. Our investors, who all have a background in either the mobile app development, SaaS or IT service delivery space, recognise the potential of the Kumulos platform to help mobile app development agencies around the world do better business with their clients. As part of the investment, Charles Sweeney, former CEO of content–filtering firm Bloxx who were acquired by Akamai Technologies, will join the Kumulos board.

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Q: What are some of the key features you’re offering to your clients?

A: Firstly, the Kumulos platform can be white-labelled with the agency’s own logo and colour scheme so it is their brand that their clients see. Secondly, agencies can give their clients a login to a branded client portal so that their clients can view the analytics for their app and run their own push campaigns. Finally, agencies can easily generate weekly and monthly reports covering all aspects of an apps performance, giving the agency an opportunity to sit down with their client and discuss how they can optimise and improve the app. We can help show agencies how they can sell this as an ongoing optimization service – this adds retained income to their business and helps the agency grow. It keeps clients close, meaning the agency is far more likely to identify and win follow-on projects. It also helps agencies differentiate them from the competition and win new business.

Q: Who are the primary clients of Kumulos?

A: Kumulos can be used by anyone who looks after one or more mobile apps. However, our primary clients are mobile app development businesses, agencies and studios – those companies whose business is building apps for other businesses. We know the challenges of running such a business and how adding annuity income from retained clients can help the business grow with confidence. Kumulos is also being used by more and more web and digital agencies who are transitioning into the mobile app development space. Kumulos works with native and hybrid apps and so helps lower the barrier to entry by providing so many features in a single-pane-of-glass that is compatible with the existing HTML5 and Javascript skills they will already have in-house.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We’ve just opened a US office in Raleigh, NC and Don Cappelletti has joined the team as GM for Americas and so we’re looking forward to working with more and more US based app development businesses, such as NS804 in Richmond VA, to help their business grow. However, in addition to the US, our business is growing globally and we have recently signed up Princeton Digital in Australia, Simple Communications in South Korea, Predator Digital in Singapore, Nativapps in Colombia and Sketch Advertising in South Africa. Continuing this international expansion is a priority for us.

Also excited to see the how emerging trends such as IoT, Blockchain and AR/VR will impact mobile app development. For example, will Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) start to replace native apps in some cases? Remains to be seen, but whatever happens, we’ll be there to help mobile app development businesses grow.