Krome Photos Aims To Transform How Image Is Created

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Krome Photos is a leader in photo- tech and the only service that enables consumers and businesses to control their online persona through creative editing of digital photos at a fraction of the cost of most editing services. Krome photos uses a proprietary, AI driven platform that connects trained human editors across the globe to any digital photo submitted and therefore, is available 24/7 seven days a week. To learn more about the company we sat down with Eduardo Llach:

Q: Could you tell us something more about Krome Photos, your mission and goals?

A: Krome’s professional editors, coupled with its unique technology, can do almost anything: from removing an object, to changing a background, correcting color, adding people, and merging images from different photos. Krome executes on a customer’s vision or provides ideas from hundreds of creative photos in Krome’s Gallery and Lookbooks.

Krome was established by a photographer with two main goals. First, to give every person and business access to the same photo editing services available to celebrities and big companies with large budgets. And secondly, to develop a unique interaction between human editors and customers, thereby enabling employment of people all around the world. Krome provides new opportunities for people and businesses to increase interaction online, engage or increase followers and increase sales by creating beautiful and effective photo images.

Krome’s mission is to transform how image is created. Krome transforms family, personal and corporate images with the easiest, fastest and most affordable photo editing service available. Our customers say that the images we help them create drive engagement, influence and sales.

You can find Krome at Krome Photos or download our Krome Studio App.

Q: You’ve recently launched new image operations system; could you tell us something more?

A: Krome is using the Krome Image Operations System (Ki.OS) for creating images for its own services – the five Krome Studio applications on iPhone, Android and Web as well as using it for partners. CaptureLife is a partner using Ki.OS for creating image variations of children’s school photos. Just imagine how fun – you get a great photo of your kid from school and you can easily change the background to something really beautiful and/or super creative and fun.

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Q: Who are the primary users of Krome Photos and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: Anyone who wants to edit their photo can use Krome as its pricing is well within reach – from $3-$12 depending on the photo and the request. There is also a subscription service for those doing a lot of photos which will save time and money.

There are three very effective customer segments already using Krome: 1. Families who want to share creative and quality photos of themselves and their kids but don’t have the time or money to edit the photos themselves. 2. Small businesses who use the photos edits to make their websites, product images and emails really stand out, and 3. Online bloggers and influencers who have seen their traffic and followers increase with Krome creative photos. Just look at this shot from a high-end rental online – Krome helped make the home much more inviting to help increase demand.

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Q: Tell us more about the technology that drives your platform?

A: Ki.OS is a platform for applications that uses technology, AI, and crowdsourced systems to create the image requested, or required, for the application.

Ki.OS manages all the resources (technology, AI, or person) to:
1. Select the best original image for the highest quality edit
2. Select the best background, or look, based on the original image
3. Select the best editor (AI or person) for the type of image such as selfie vs baby
4. Select the best reviewer (AI or person) for the type of image
5. Return the edited image back to the user or application

Ki.OS then manages any resulting feedback, including a re-edit request for a variation on the resulting images.

Ki.OS has two sets of API’s, with SDK’s coming, for applications to access its resources and create images.

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Krome’s mission is to transform how image is created. Krome will continue to advance its product to meet customer needs including but not limited to new creative image ideas, graphic editing, adding logos, increasing speed and quality through AI and technology. People and businesses will continue to want and need quality photos edited and created to their specifications especially with the mass of photos taken each day with phones.

In addition, Krome is developing new applications for vertical image solutions like printing, better digital ads, better profile images for professional or dating apps, and many more applications that have specific image requirements.