Kloudio Allows You To Connect Any Spreadsheet To Any Data Source To Help You Improve Efficiency, Save Time, And Cut Costs

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Below, you’ll find our interview with NBA star and Kloudio investor Matthew Dellavedova:

Matthew Dellavedova

Q: Can you provide our readers with a basic introduction to Kloudio?

A: Simply put, Kloudio allows you to connect any spreadsheet to any data source as a means of improving efficiency, saving time, and cutting costs. For example, many clients – which range from Fortune 500 enterprises to small and medium sized businesses – use Kloudio to have marketing, sales, and finance related spreadsheets updated at specific intervals. It’s all about automation without the need to leave your spreadsheet application.

Q: How were you introduced to Kloudio?

A: Jason Calacanis introduced me to Kloudio and I became an investor in Kloudio’s latest round through Jason’s syndicate.

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Q: How did you assess the cost or risk of investing in Kloudio?

A: I watched a webinar where Krishna and Sathish presented Kloudio and then answered a lot of questions from everyone on the webinar. I was very impressed with them as individuals, what they had done already and their vision for the future. I’ve only started Angel Investing in the past year or so, so most importantly I need to see the potential for product/market fit, scalability, and fundamentally, I really have to believe in and like the service or product! I’m lucky to also have a strong support team and network to lean on when I’m analyzing a deal, particularly when I’m not a subject matter expert. In Kloudio’s case, I like their SaaS business model, and I was really drawn to the fact that the data analytics platform is cloud-based and self-serviced with an incredible amount of potential to scale.

Q: What benefits do you see having data accessible through Google Sheets, Excels, data warehouses, and other tools?

A: Opportunity! So many KPIs are tied to analytics and more and more we are seeing employers looking for analysts and middle managers to be able to provide meaningful analysis and data points that for so long they’ve been dependent upon an IT team to provide. The Kloudio platform allows these individuals to directly access and combine data from disparate data sources without needing specific coding knowledge with the even bigger benefit of being able to use popular user end tools they are familiar and comfortable with.

Q: Which industries and job functions do you see Kloudio’s solution having the maximum impact?

A: I think Kloudio can be impactful across all sorts of industries – really, any business – big or small – that relies on data analysis could benefit by using the platform.

Q: Looking ahead, what milestones do you expect Kloudio to achieve?

A: When I was first analyzing whether or not to invest, a certain number stuck with me from the Kloudio deck: a $54 billion addressable market! When I get my monthly updates from Krishna, the biggest areas I look at to evaluate progress are the updates on product integration, product improvements and new partnerships secured, all of which are essential to unlocking new business opportunities. I don’t necessarily have specific milestones in mind, but if the team continues to improve and grow in these areas then I think they’ll be successful.

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Q: Would you recommend Kloudio to peers looking for a similar solution?

A: Absolutely would recommend. As a Kloudio investor, I look at it as my responsibility to try to help the team in any way I can. In this way, I’ve made and will continue to make introductions to key individuals in my industry that I believe could benefit from using the Kloudio platform.

Q: How has your experience on the court helped you prepare for investing in tech companies? 

A: As it goes with professional athletes, we are constantly being exposed to, and rely on, new technology to provide us with an edge in an extremely competitive landscape. What basketball fans see is the end result – a win or loss on the floor – but there’s much more that goes into it. So much of an athlete’s performance is measured using data and analytics, not only in games, but in training and practice, too. I’ve developed an interest in tech over the years because I’ve seen the impact it’s had not just on me or my teammates, but on the game as a whole. I believe tech is a key driver for optimizing performance and experience – not only for individual athletes, teams, and, the NBA but also for the fans/consumers as well.