Kingsley Gate Partners Is Transforming The Executive Search Industry With The Introduction Of Synchronous Fit, Athena And Inside Track

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Below is our recent interview with Umesh Ramakrishnan, Office of the CEO at Kingsley Gate Partners:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Kingsley Gate Partners?

A: Kingsley Gate Partners is a global retained executive search firm who is transforming the executive search industry with the introduction of Synchronous Fit®, Athena™ and Inside Track®. By infusing science and technology with human insight, Kingsley Gate Partners exponentially improves velocity, accuracy, transparency and accountability of our executive searches.

How do we achieve this objective? We first apply the science to our client before we apply it on our candidates. We ensure a lasting fit by arming our experienced search consultants around the world with state-of-the-art, cloud based mobile tools. Our frameworks and technology are designed and developed by renowned credible experts in their fields and are regularly updated to maintain cadence with technology developments. Our proprietary Search Management System–Galaxy™–is a mobile first system with data residing in the cloud, as is ClientSuite, a mobile application that permits audiovisual and text-based communication between our clients and our firm.

Each Kingsley Gate Partners® consultant is an equity stakeholder in the firm, and our clients are serviced by individuals who are owners of the firm who bring an owner-driven mentality and approach to the process. Kingsley Gate Partners® is not a firm that merely searches for your candidate. We are a firm that finds the one that will have a lasting fit with your organization.

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Q: What is Synchronous Fit™ framework?

A: Synchronous Fit is a unique framework architected from the ground up using cloud-based, mobile-first technologies to ensure a lasting fit between our clients and placed candidates. Kingsley Gate Partners complements the objectivity of an exclusive scientific profiling process with the deep human insight of expert search consultants to arrive at a quantitative method of comparing competitive candidates at a granular level. This unique, holistic formula assures a perfect fit between our client and placed candidate.

Q: You’ve recently announced a major Global Expansion in Latin America; can you tell us something more?

A: Kingsley Gate Partners is always searching for Partners who have an ownership mentality when executing search. This particular acquisition was executed because this specific group of partners covered the entire Latin America region and provided for an instantly accretive merger of owners. They are the single largest, longest-running group of search partners in their region.

Q: Why is important to be present in Latin America?

A: Kingsley Gate Partners services global, multi-national clients, and we wish to be present in those geographies that are critical to our clients. Latin America is important to our North American, European and Asian clients, therefore it was critical to be present there.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We will continue a targeted, organized expansion to fill geographical, horizontal and vertical gaps in order to ensure full and complete global search coverage for our valued clients.