How To Keep Your Smart Technology Safe From Cyberattacks

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As we begin to use technology more and more around the house, our homes are becoming smarter. However, cyber-security should be a concern for all of us as these devices can become subject to malicious cyber-attacks.

What are smart home cyberattacks?

A smart home cyberattack is where there has been a vicious attempt to access your devices, normally to access private information or install a virus onto the system. These attacks can be frightening and often leave those targeted feeling in a vulnerable and compromised position.

These types of attacks can be prevented when you have the right measures in place.

What smart home products are vulnerable to attacks?

The most vulnerable types of smart home products are those that are fitted outdoors and feature a computer with little to no security. Things like wireless doorbells and automatic garage door openers or smart sprinklers on the lawn can be targeted.

Vulnerable items within the home that can be controlled using a phone or computer, such as smart TV’s, baby monitors, security cameras, and even smart bulbs can be hacked due to weak security tokens.

Fridges and ovens are unlikely to be attacked, but still can be in some cases if they can be controlled by a phone.

How to protect your smart home products from attacks

You might be looking around your home now and feeling worried by the number of smart products you have that you didn’t know could be tampered with, but you don’t need to panic. Here are some tips for keeping your home safe from those dreaded cyberattacks.

• Only get what you need
Think about whether the convenience outweighs the security. Do you really need everything in your home to be hooked up to the internet and controlled by your phone? Having more smart home tech means more responsibility and more products to keep secure, so by only keeping it to the stuff that you really want or need, you’ll be less likely to receive a cyberattack.

• Secure your network
One of the most important ways to keep your smart devices safe is to ensure they are connected to a secure network. You can invest in connectors for stable internet connection and reduce the risk of any unknown devices joining your Wi-Fi.

• Keep your passwords secure
Don’t give out any of your passwords to anyone that isn’t within your household, and don’t use the same password for each device. Though it can be convenient, it’s a nightmare when it comes down to security.
If one device becomes breached and they all share the same password, then it’s very easy for a hacker to compromise your other devices. You can use a random password generator if you’re struggling to think of unique ones to use.