Kedeon Provides Monitoring Solutions For The Cold Supply Chain, With A Focus On Last-Mile Grocery And Food Deliveries

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Below is our recent interview with Kristaps Mikasenoks, COO & Co-founder of Kedeon:

Q: What is Kedeon? For those who have never heard of it, tell us something more?

A: Kedeon provides monitoring solutions for the cold supply chain, with a focus on last-mile grocery and food deliveries. We do this by utilizing purpose-built IoT sensor devices together with our software. Our device has dedicated sim card that uses LTE-M network, which is built for IoT applications and can use existing mobile communication infrastructure. By using this networking technology we can provide 2 week battery life while maintaining a small form factor and providing real-time data to our dashboard. The device has a size of 2 matchboxes and is very easy to use and requires minimal training for employees. Another interesting thing about our device is that it has built-in chip that can execute cryptographic operations. Meaning, each device can have its unique identity and we can sign these measurements with public/private keys together with timestamps that are generated on the device. This gives us the ability to trace back the measurements and to prove that these measurements were made on this specific device on a specific time. This can be used in things like ricardian contracts as well as have the possibility for legally binding measurements in the future.

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Q: What are some of the real-world results enterprises can expect with your solution?

A: Enterprises can expect of having easy to use, small and mobile device that can be applied for different kind of monitoring use cases. Value proposition depends on the company type. Our solution makes it easier for the company to oversee their deliveries that are done by third party. We help companies to protect their brand image and ensure end customers by providing tools and helping them to open up their supply chain data to involved parties. Moreover, last-mile delivery industry is exploding right now (mostly thanks to pandemic), and there is no clear regulation YET. Companies can use our solution to be compliant and better prepare for the upcoming regulation.

Q: Who would be your ideal client and why?

A: Our ideal clients are last-mile delivery companies that want a mobile solution. Existing solutions mostly require an additional gateway, powersorce and initial setup with high upfront costs. Our solution is small, simple to use out of the box with no upfront and integration costs, while providing long battery life, real-time data and alerts and verifiable measurements.

Q: What are your plans for the first half of 2021?

A: We recently got accepted in Techstars smart mobility program which will give us huge boost. We have a solid technology and engineering team, but we lack in sales and marketing strategy. In the next few months, we will work on our sales strategy together with mentors from Techstars and will try to scale our production operations.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Kedeon that people might not know about?

A: Although end consumers are our not target customers, we build this solution to provide the best quality deliveries specifically for end users. We want everyone to feel safe ordering food online. Kedeon aims to be as a stamp of quality for food and groceries. We want to provide the same freshness for products you receive, that you would get when going to the store. We provide tools for end customers, to verify the measurements themselves. With these tools, users can make sure about deliveries. And companies can use these tools to create new communication and marketing channels to reach their customers.