Kanbanize – Software Specifically Designed For Portfolio Kanban Implementation

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* – This article has been archived and is no longer updated by our editorial team –

Below is our recent interview with Dimitar Karaivanov, CEO and Co-founder of Kanbanize:

Slava Koltovich

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Kanbanize?

A: Kanbanize is a Lean management software solution designed to help product and services teams apply the principles of Lean and Kanban to their work and fulfill their goal for efficiency and excellence in the quality of the work they deliver. Kanbanize is our way of giving the world a tool to manage the work and not the worker.

Q: Could you explain the most prominent advantages of your project management solution?

A: Kanbanize is not exactly a project management solution. It is a workflow management tool and the only software solution available that is specifically designed for Portfolio Kanban implementation.

Kanbanize allows organizations to adopt the Kanban method on a company-wide scale and link even the smallest tasks of individual contributors to large projects run by C-level executives.

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To explain it shortly, Kanbanize relies on multiple levels of hierarchical Kanban boards for breaking down work. You start as high as possible and break down the project/initiative into smaller tasks that need to be delegated, broken down further and processed.

Each level of tasks is linked to the one above it and the level beneath it. The goal is to reach a breakdown structure where the bottom level consists of tasks that can be processed by individual contributors in just a few days.

With the help of Kanbanize, every person can see how their work contributes to the well-being of the whole company. It provides absolute and unparalleled workflow transparency across the hierarchy.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your features?

A: The foundation of Kanbanize is built on workflow visualization. This wouldn’t be possible without digital Kanban boards. The Kanban board in Kanbanize is among the most flexible available. It allows users to create an unlimited number of vertical columns and horizontal swimlanes. You can even merge them in various ways.

The links between cards is another crucial feature of our software because it makes possible the Portfolio implementation. You can connect different tasks in Kanbanize as a parent, child, predecessor, successor, mirror, and relative. Card links are a perfect feature for managing dependencies and it shows how one task is related to another.

Our pride and joy is the Business Rules Engine. It allows workflow automation and delegation of routine tasks to the system enabling teams to focus their attention on issues that actually require it. The Business Rules Engine is built on policies that are automatically activated when a given preset condition is activated.

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It is kind of a visual programming language that allows account administrators to configure the platform as they please.

In addition, we have integrated some of the most advanced Lean and Agile analytics available with the help of our partners from Actionable Agile. They allow users to measure key productivity metrics like cycle time, throughput, wait time, etc. Based on this data, our clients can even forecast future performance with the help of Monte Carlo simulations.

Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: To kanbanize even more companies. Our goal since the very start has always been to help companies run their process better with the help of Kanban. Usually, a pilot team tests Kanbanize and after they achieve significant improvement, other teams are quick to follow until eventually, the whole company starts managing their work through the tool.

Q: How would you convince the reader to start using your Kanban Software for Lean Management?

A: By improving Kanbanize even further. We’ve got a relentless team of developers who are putting everything they’ve got to make Kanbanize the most powerful Kanban platform in history. We are releasing new features and enhancements on a monthly basis so our solution is evolving very quickly.

On top of that, our customer success management team invests an enormous amount of time educating current and potential clients on how to make the most of Kanbanize so everyone can fully understand the capabilities of the platform and achieve significant improvement in the way they work.