Jun Group Helps Brands To Connect With Customers Through Transparent And Engaging Video Content

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Jun Group is a mobile advertising company that gets millions of people to watch videos and visit web pages from Fortune 500 brands across devices. The word ‘Jun’ means truth and the world’s best-known brands trust Jun Group to connect them to their customers because everything the company does is viewable, brand-safe, and transparent. Below is our interview with Mitchell Reichgut, CEO at Jun Group:

Q: What makes Jun Group a good choice?

A: We’re honest people. Our products and services are unique because we built them the right way—and we built the company the right way, too. Our focus has always been on our clients and our products, as opposed to growth for growth’s sake. We grew organically without any outside investment all the way until 2015 when we joined with our private equity partners at Halyard Capital. When advertisers work with us they get clarity, simplicity, and tangible results that are unique in the industry.

Q: You’ve recently promoted three of your best; could you tell us something more?

A: The best part of my job is hiring bright young people and watching them grow and excel. Leslie, Regina, and Caitie all came to us early in their careers and I’m so proud of everything they’ve accomplished here. Each of them brings something special, and it is a pleasure to reward them with new titles and increased responsibilities.


Q: Can you give us more insights into your solutions?

A: Our job is to provide clear, unfettered access to the people our customers want to reach. We are uniquely suited for this because our technology reaches over 100 million people in mobile apps where consumers spend 90% of their smartphone time. Instead of interrupting people, we allow them to opt-in to gorgeous, full-screen branded experiences. These opt-in placements are called value exchange, and we are leaders in the space. Value exchange produces some of the best results in the industry by respecting consumers and never interrupting them. The non-disruptive, user opt-in experience makes value-exchange a clear favorite. In fact, in a recent study, people preferred value exchange placements almost 2-1 over traditional digital ads.


Q: What are your plans for next six months?

A: We plan to continue on our current trajectory of profitable, responsible growth. Value exchange advertising is just now emerging as a mainstream ad placement (Google, Facebook, Spotify, Fox and many other publishers already offer value exchange) and we’re excited about its enormous potential. Look for us to keep innovating and setting the bar high as the industry continues to evolve.