Jujotech Delivers The Only Fully Integrated AR, Workflow, And Hands Free Communication Enabled SaaS Solution

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Jujotech is an Augmented Reality software development company offering the only fully integrated AR, workflow, and hands free communication enabled SaaS solution for the Industrial connected worker.

Below is our recent interview with Rafael Gutierrez, CEO of Jujotech:

Rafael Gutierrez

Q: What inspired you to join Jujotech?

A: Aside from the technology (which by the way is beyond revolutionary, it is transformational for AR) what really inspired me is the people and the potential to transform several industries by solving operational problems faced by workers today. As you know, the amount of complexities in equipment is monumental.

Q: Who are your primary clients and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: We have clients in multiple verticals, they range from Oil & Gas to Enterprise applications. The key challenges faced by many industries is two fold:

a) The experienced workforce is retiring and the need for remote assist or remote mentor is bigger than ever to ensure quality of service.
b) Industry 4.0 embedded intelligence and the complexity of having training in large amount of deployed solutions requires a new approach. This approach is to bring the control room to the connected worker and provide the right labor, right parts, at the right time to maintain customer satisfaction.

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Q: Could you explain what exactly does a connected worker term mean?

A: A connected worker has the ability to use Augmented reality as an interface to interact with the problem or deployment at hand. Thus, if he/she needs help from an expert this can be done hands free and the remote mentor can see what I see. Furthermore, the connected worker needs actionable work flow and asset health status. In other words, the connected worker is equipped via smart headsets such as Realwear, Vuzix, etc. and is able to bring via our software solutions an integrated view of what to do now. This is also call just-in-time training.

Q: What’s next for Jujotech? Do you have plans to grow, expand or diversify?

A: We are a solution integrator for the connected worker using AR as an interface. Our next steps are to increase our strategy partnerships with industry leaders in this space. As a result, this brings the possibility to expand to additional verticals. We see many applications for our existing technology.