JMC Software AG Delivers Innovative Software & E-Commerce Solutions

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Below is our recent interview with Mr. José Lopez, CEO at JMC Software AG:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to JMC Software AG?

A: Founded in 1996, JMC Software is one of the leading providers of IT and e-business solutions in Switzerland. The core business of the company is the development of innovative software & e-commerce solutions and our managed IT services Unit, in which we offer a broad range of IT- and Cloud Services.

Our mission is:

We see opportunities
We design our company in such a way that the customer’s needs are at the center of our activities.
We are unique
Our sustained growth is based on our knowledge of how to bring our clients added value and benefit their companies.
We create emotions and gain trust
How our internal and external customers win using a relevant strategy, the best solutions and sustainable results.
We exceed expectations
We exceed our customers’ expectations with individual and flexible solutions that exceed the expected quality and the expected benefits.
We say thank you! To our employees
We listen, appreciate and encourage our employees, their achievements and abilities! We make them proud and live a culture of enthusiasm.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your services?

A: Software- & E-Commerce Engineering Services
As a software and e-commerce specialist, we develop customers digital strategy and design and implement their individual e-commerce solutions. We also completely support them in shop-management, right up to the required hosting solutions. Our e-commerce services are not only complemented by the complete range of software quality assurance, but also through the implementation of load- and performance tests on existing systems or new projects.

We have been at the service of Swiss SMEs since 1996 in all IT-related issues around networks, clients and servers. Our greatest strength is the IT competence, with which our team works at the highest level. For SMEs, NGOs and public authorities the proximity to customers is very important, as is the high level of service. They have been using our services for many years. Pay only what you need! Our customer book a service level subscription, or flexible IT support according to time and effort. We also offer 24/7 support via remote maintenance. Over IT consulting and conception of our customers networks to the optimization and implementation of their IT landscape, we offer everything to optimally improve the quality and effectiveness of their workflows. The individual solutions tailored to our customer’s needs guarantee failure- and data security, stability and optimal performance. The monitoring and IT support tailored to our customers systems ensures a smooth process in their IT landscape. Our customers can let their employees access their personal virtual workspace in the office and from anywhere via remote desktop. They save the complex administration, maintenance and patching of your existing IT infrastructure. With our cloud terminal servers, they will be able to control all services over a single interface in the future. We provide their employees with centrally installed software packages, which are not dependent on a certain end device.

Q: Which services/products have currently a large request from your customers?

A: Virtual Workplace
A virtual workspace is a virtual desktop that is available to you around the clock and from anywhere (stationary computer, laptop, tablet, smartphone, etc.). Only requirement: Internet access. All programs needed for work can be installed in your virtual workspace. We ensure all security and antivirus updates, as well as the complete data backup! Your virtual workspace is located in its own, state-of-the-art server in our Swiss data center.

The Benefits:

  • Secure and encrypted access around the clock – regardless of location.
  • Save on (fixed) costs: resources can be shared and allocated as needed.
  • Operation, update and licensing: Always up to date, we will take care of it. You have your personal contact person.
  • Desktop update done quickly and easily. New servers or clients ready for use within a very short time.
  • All common operating systems, programs and any industry specific software possible.
  • Improved data integrity because the backup is centralized.
  • No expensive hardware & software updates.
  • Easy maintenance – only one device needs updating (centralized administration).
  • Less compatibility issues.
  • Automatic backup / virus protection.
  • 97% guaranteed availability! With the latest technology and over 20 years of experience, we guarantee the highest possible availability.
  • Minimal internet connection is sufficient (the actual data remains in the data center).

E-Commerce Systems

As an e-commerce specialist, we develop, design and implement individual e-commerce solutions based on open source frameworks.

In this way, our customers save unnecessary licensing costs and can let tailor-made designs for an optimal user experience be realized by us.

We also completely support in shop-management, right up to the required hosting solutions for our customers.

Q: What makes you the best choice for software development?

A: We see ourselves as a partner of our customers and always strive for optimal solutions. Innovation is the driving force behind our success. Our high technical competence combined with a sound knowledge of the IT market provides security for our partners and makes us strong for future requirements.

Through countless projects, we have been able to acquire a profound knowledge of existing technologies and are constantly building our expertise further. Our Customers profit from our know-how not only during the development of new software, but also during the maintenance and further development of existing software.

In our JMC Technology Center we test new technologies in internal projects at an early stage. As a result, our customers are already benefiting from the market readiness of new technologies. Also, thanks to our accumulated experience, you are able to use the latest technologies in a diversified manner.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: We are in a growth market and we will continue to build up our team to provide our customers with tailored solutions.

So that we can continue to express our claim for our customers: Does not work – Doesn’t exist, because everything is possible ;-)!

Q: Which are the most interesting reference projects?

A: PKZ Burger-Kehl & Co. AG
Development and redesign of the premium-fashion ecommerce solution an integration of partner services like logistic and loyalty-services.
Swiss E-Commerce Champion 2014!

Metro Boutiques AG
Development of a high-end e-commerce system with interfaces to various financial partners (Postfinance, Mastercard, Swissbilling, MF-Group, PayPal, Twint).

Betty Bossi AG
We have realized a custom “business administration solution” with over 2.5 Mio documents and over 15 million visitors per year.

Stadtwerke Constance
Development of a “business management solution” for recurring services with a reporting/business intelligence portal.

Development of a shop-in-shop solution for the construction industry. Only accessible with individual user logins with user specific prices.