IVN Cryptography Develops The Most Advanced Security Technologies: IVN Cryptography, IVN Captcha, And IVN VPN

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IVN Security is an independent, blockchain-based, cyber-security company. Below is our recent interview with Wu Di, Managing Director at IVN Security:

Wu Di

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to IVN Security?

A: Our software developments include the most secure encryption technologies on the planet.

The company is currently developing the most advanced security technologies, such as IVN cryptography, IVN captcha, and IVN VPN, available at minimal cost, thus ensuring the utmost safety for sensitive data such as passwords and private keys, together with the highest level of privacy for web users in the post-quantum age.

Our mission is to help to resolve many of the security issues that plague the modern internet, including mass surveillance, data mining, privacy, hacking, and the use of quantum computers for decryption.

IVN Security is developing its unique products within a smart decentralized ecosystem of incentivized nodes and blockchain tokens, controlled by AI servers.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: • IVN encryption is unbreakable, even if you hire the most advanced quantum computers.
• IVN encryption is constantly evolving to stay light years ahead of hackers.
• IVN Security is independent of any state sponsored agency or private security contractor. These are often just components of an interconnected web of entities where the hacker and the ‘protector’ are indistinguishable from each other.

Q: What is the role of IVN token?

A: • The Token itself acts to reward and encourage anyone with a computer, to act as a host node within the network and be rewarded for their participation.
• IVN Token thus enables the entire data security ecosystem to be decentralized.
• The Token also must be purchased by users of the security services, to pay for these services, based on data usage, thus creating continual demand and value for tokens.

Q: You have recently teamed up with Oju X to secure world freedom; could you tell us something more?

A: Oju X provides their customers with a groundbreaking new digital exchange platform and multi-use portal with interactive channels and functions based on blockchain technology. IVN Security is already working with Oju X to protect all their platforms and data transfers.

In addition, IVN Security is also working with AToken, one of China’s leading and fastest growing producers of digital wallets for forex and cryptocurrency trading, to secure all digital transfers on their platforms.

Q: Tell us more about the technology behind IVN Security?

A: IVN Security features quantum resistant encryption and decryption technologies which cannot be compromised. IVN Cryptography technology combines the intrinsic essence of quantum theory, mathematical models of ESP and ever-morphing randomness to outwit, confuse and nullify any attempt to engage or interfere with it.

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Q: What is on the roadmap for IVN Security moving forward?

A: After the release of the IVN Token via a series of Airdrops in 2018, the ERC20 compliant Tokens will become listed on AToken wallets and launched on selected exchange platforms.

In the meantime, product development will continue during 2018/19 including the next generation IVN Captcha and IVN VPN products.