InvestoLand Raises $2,4M In A New Funding Round To Make Investing Easy And Accessible Worldwide

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Investoland raised $2,4M in a recent funding round. Below is our recent interview with Fernando Cantini, Marketing Manager at InvestoLand:

Fernando Cantini

Q: How would you describe Investoland in your own words?

A: Investoland is a global decentralized investment network that will erase the friction of the investment process and allow small and medium investors from all over the world to access investment oportunities that would otherwise be unavailable for them in a secure, easy and inexpensive manner, as well as base their financial interactions on smart contracts of the Ethereum network hassle free and without previous knowledge.

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Q: Where did the idea for your platform come from?

A: As an ongoing crowd investment platform the problems we’re clear to us. We struggled daily with the limitations of the legacy banking and financial system, the costs, the delays, the limitations are hindering the industry’s development and cutting lowering returns for investors and cutting innovation from entrepreneurs. As an already standing company, Invesotland comes as a solution for elevating the industry to a whole new level and taking crowd investments to the place that its potential allows to, allowing every small to medium investors to yield returns easily and globally.

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Q: Where do you want to be in five years’ time?

A: In five years’ time we see ourselves positioned as the go-to for both crowd investments worldwide and as a solution for smart contract-governed financial interactions for companies, software and individuals. We plan to be a worldwide used platform and technology.

Last Updated on November 18, 2018