Intouch Insight Helps Businesses Collect And Centralize Customer Feedback And Operational Data

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Below is our recent interview with Sarah Beckett, Director of Marketing at Intouch Insight:

Q: Sarah, can you tell us something more about Intouch Insight?

A: At Intouch Insight, we help businesses collect and centralize customer feedback and operational data from multiple touch points, providing actionable, real-time insights that arm them with the knowledge they need to continuously improve. With our roots in mystery shopping dating back over 40 years, Intouch is trusted by over 300 of North America’s most beloved brands for our mystery shopping, operational and compliance audits, customer surveys, mobile forms and checklists, and Customer Experience Management software.

LiaCX™, our next-level Customer Experience Management (CEM) software, is fully-customizable, designed to make it easy for users to be self-sufficient, with easy to use tools that translate customer data into actionable insights that drive change, increase efficiency, and help maintain standardization. LiaCX™ empowers users to master their own Customer Experience (CX) programs, bringing the Voice of Customer to life in measurable and scalable ways.

Though a lot has changed over our past 40 years in business, our focus remains the same. We are on a mission to be the leading provider offering an integrated solution that enables brands to listen to their customers, interpret the results, and create actionable plans to align operations with customer expectations.

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Q: Who is your ideal client and why?

A: Our methodology and software platform is entirely customizable and scalable so it can grow with you. Our software solutions are optimized for SMBs and multi-locations businesses across Retail, Restaurant and Hospitality, Petro-Convenience, and Grocery industries. That said, we also work with many enterprise-level organizations with thousands of users and complex programming.

At the end of the day, we are passionate about helping brands drive customer experience (CX), regardless of whether they are early into delving into VoC and CX programming, looking to leverage data in new ways and grow out their programming or managing robust international campaigns the benefit from instant insights and tools that drive action in real-time.

Businesses that have standardized procedures across multiple locations or divisions can especially benefit from our all-in-one solution because:

● It bridges the gap between operational measurement and customer feedback,
● It brings together the latest in Customer Experience Management (CEM) technology and mystery shopping services.

Q: Your recent survey of consumers from across North America explored how habits are shifting and what food service businesses can do; can you tell us something more?

A: Absolutely. For context, in May 2020, we conducted a wide-scale North American survey to help us learn about how consumer habits have changed since the pandemic began. Our objective was to better understand recent changes in consumer habits, so that we could advise businesses on what they need to do to succeed in this new reality.

To date, we have authored three reports based on our findings, one on the future of retail, one around implications for the restaurant industry and for food service providers, and most recently a report targeted at C-stores and gas station operators.

You can download the reports here:

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

Across the board, the number one change consumers want to see, regardless of the industry, is improved cleanliness and sanitization. Businesses should also be looking to improve their digital properties for easy online experiences, while keeping customer comfort at the forefront of their minds. 78% of our survey respondents indicated that they would prefer to pay online, in advance as opposed to at the door or in person. This drives home the point that now more than ever it is the time to embrace e-commerce.

For restaurants, over 2/3 of our respondents stated that they have continued to engage with food service establishments throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. However, half of our respondents felt that quality of food was very important when making the decision to order prepared food, but cleanliness of the establishment was of the uttermost importance to over 60% of our respondents.

Making sure that your operational procedures related to cleaning and sanitization are highly-visible and are a customer-facing activity, will go a long way in setting your customers at ease. For example, by visibly sanitizing your POS terminals between customers and transactions, you provide customers with confidence that you care about their well being.

When it comes to convenience stores, the frequency of visits to convenience stores and gas stations overall has dramatically decreased by 73%, according to our respondents, since the pandemic began. Our respondents also shared that in today’s climate, they would feel more comfortable purchasing coffee and prepared food via crew-service, as opposed to self-service. This presents a great opportunity for businesses to rebuild their workforce.

Q: What can we expect from Intouch Insight in the next 12 months?

A: Our focus is and will continue to be around enabling businesses to listen to their customers and to act on the feedback they receive to drive continuous improvements.

The time to act is now. The world is changing at an unprecedented rate and consumer habits will never be the same. Now, more than ever, brands need to listen to their customers to gain better insight into their changing needs and expectations.

As we have seen from our research, we believe that brick-and-mortar businesses will need to continue evolving the way in which they do business, including expanding upon their digital capabilities. Whether it’s online ordering, off-premise order fulfillment or contactless options, we will support our clients as they make these changes, so that they may continue to understand how their customers are feeling and identify what is or isn’t working well.

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Q: What’s the best thing about Intouch Insight that people might not know about?

A: One of the core philosophies at Intouch is the personal touch we take with our clients. Although our software tools are designed to be intuitive and self-driven, building from our long-history in offering mystery shopping services, we have a dedicated team of client managers who are 100% invested in their customer’s success, from implementation to deployment, and beyond. We want to grow with our customers and become a pillar of their CX strategy.

Where possible, we endeavour to embed that rich knowledge right into our products. Features like our survey health check – which gives novice survey users the ability to optimize their surveys to increase response rates or protect against survey fatigue – or our AI-driven Action CampaignsTM (patent-pending technology) which auto-create triggers and follow-ups based on survey or mystery-shop results – are all designed to support our clients in delighting their customers and improving their bottom line.

Last Updated on September 12, 2020