An Interview With Jeremy Martin From Doc’s Sports

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Below is our recent interview with Jeremy Martin from Doc’s Sports:

Q: For those who haven’t heard of it, what is the best way to describe Doc’s Sports?

A: Doc’s Sports started as a family-owned business in 1971, and after 48 years it’s still a family-owned business. We have a very close-knit staff that is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the sports handicapping business. We will always go the extra mile for our clients as far as customer service, and we take great pride our principles of having fun while betting sports and making money.

Q: Can you tell us something more about your Unit System? How does it work?

A: Doc’s Sports Unit System goes from 1-8 units, and this system gives the client the best chance for success betting sports regardless of bankroll. At the start of the year, bettors should have a fixed amount that they set aside for your sports gambling budget. Then they determine a dollar amount for each unit and need to make sure to stick with that for the entire season. If clients are betting $100 per unit, they would bet $440 on a 4-unit play, $550 on a 5-unit play and $880 on an 8-unit play. The higher the unit value, the stronger the play would be. Generally, bettors should never risk more than 10 percent of our total bankroll on any given week. Depending on budget, bettors may assign a higher or lower unit value than $100 per unit.

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Q: Do you have any advice for newbies when it comes to sports betting?

A: Discipline is the first thing that comes to mind as why most people do not make money betting sports. Too often newbies get upset after a loss and end up betting their entire bankroll on the following game hoping to offset that early loss. With this approach, it’s only a matter of time before one will go broke. Bettors are going to have losing days, weeks, and months, and it is important that they stick with a unit system that is described above. Bookies count on clients’ greed and expect them to reload often during the football season. Our advice is to manage your sports betting like you would a business.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your business and how did you overcome it?

A: The biggest challenge a sports handicapping company faces are during losing streaks. Nobody likes to lose when betting sports, but unfortunately losing streaks do happen. Win or lose, we have always told the truth, and it can be tough for everyone during a losing streak. Many sports handicapping companies make ridiculous claims about never losing or hitting 90 percent of their selections that they release. Those kinds of streaks are mathematically impossible over the course of many games, and sooner or later companies that claim such things go out of business. Doc’s Sports always makes it known that even with a sports handicapping company this is still gambling with no guarantee of a profit. In the long run, honesty is the best path for success. Anyone can claim to be in business for decades with the advent of the Internet, but Doc’s Sports is one of the few sports handicapping companies to withstand the test of time.

Q: What we can look forward to seeing from Doc’s Sports next?

A: Doc’s Sports always keeps with the latest innovation and technology. Our clients want their lives to be simple when receiving our selections. The days of clients calling in daily for their selections over the phone are coming to an end. We now cover our clients a variety of ways to receive our selections in several convenient ways. Clients can now receive our daily selections through our Website, through e-mail, or through their smart phone. Customer Service people are always around if our clients have any questions, but for the most everything clients need can be found on our Website.

Prediction Videos are now commonplace here at Doc’s Sports, and this gives clients the latest information and trends on daily games. In the old days, when there was an injury or live movement on a game, we had no way to notify our clients. Now we can send out text alerts or go on social media to let our clients know the latest information about our selections. Technology keeps improving, and we must stay on top of it in order to be a worldwide leader in this industry.