Instilled LXP’s VP Of Solutions, Jeff Fissel, Talks Digital Learning Tech, Video Learning And The Power Of User-Generated Content

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Below is our recent interview with Jeff Fissel Instilled’s VP of Solutions:

Q: Firstly, why Instilled? What makes you the best choice?

A: We describe Instilled as an easy-to-use, structured corporate learning experience platform (LXP) that supports a modern learning culture. It’s the simplest way to capture, catalog, and discover organizational knowledge at scale. Instilled offers a truly collaborative and simple learning experience by opening up creation to all (through seamless support of user-generated content) and by making learning just clicks away from where and when you need it most.

Instilled is a video-centric learning platform designed to support thousands of authors, creators and subject matter experts. We offer browser-based learning content authoring/creation, logical and scalable content management (with ‘content containers’ that are kind of like digital filing cabinets), and auto-captioning and translation of video content.

For organizations that want to track and measure effectiveness, Instilled includes high-fidelity learning analytics—use heatmaps, pie charts, and activity detail reports to show activity such as content engagement, question-level details, logins by day, and content launched per login, amongst other metrics. And because we’re in the cloud, we offer global accessibility (you just need an internet connection) and you can be up and running in a day.

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Q: Can you tell us about the history of the company and what you do?

A: Instilled is part of Learning Technology Group (LTG), and its growing collection of market-leading corporate learning and talent management businesses.

While working with some of the world’s largest organizations, we noticed a common problem. Companies need to create engaging, measurable learning experiences that delight learners AND deliver on a universal business goal: efficiency.

In our excitement to provide an answer to this emerging need, we realized that we don’t need to acquire a new solution; we already have the capabilities, expertise and software components needed in-house, with three of the LTG businesses, Rustici Software, Watershed and gomo Learning.

Instilled draws on nearly 20 years of experience providing learning consulting and technologies for authoring, delivery, and analytics from these businesses, essentially combining three award-winning technologies into one efficient learning experience platform.

As Instilled’s VP of Solutions, I get to help people figure out the best way to implement our cloud-based software in order to reach as many employees as possible. I also help with a broader strategy around building engaging learning experiences for LTG customers.

Q: Instilled has recently celebrated its first eLearning industry award. Could you tell us
more about that?

A: Yes. It was quite exciting to be awarded for the work we have done with our partners. We really look at these awards as a testament to our dedication to serving the needs of our clients, and how we can help learners feel more confident when it comes to getting their work done more effectively and efficiently.

Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: We built Instilled with features that will make digital learning feel mainstream. Our mission is to help learners want to consume training content either during, before or after working hours.

To achieve this, we have a set of ‘guiding principles’ that informed the design of the software.
They include:
● The ability for learners to access content within just two clicks
● Creation and curation of learning content can be done by anyone—with no training needed
● Implementing the software will never cost more than an annual license (or nothing at all!)
● Users can get what they need quickly and then get back to work

Q: What can we expect from Instilled in the future?

A: We have a lot of exciting enhancements coming soon, including learning journeys with achievements and certifications, action-based activities, and advanced recommendations and filtering.

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Q: Which organizations are you working with?

A: We’re very proud to be providing learning services to some of the world’s biggest organizations. Here are some of our featured companies:
● Comcast uses Instilled’s deep-linking feature to embed video and eLearning content across the organization. It’s now ‘in the flow of work’ and in places where employees are already visiting. The result is everyone learns all of the time and training isn’t considered a burden.
● Shell was using three different learning platforms to train their extended workforce. The training was business-critical but the process was wasteful. Shell switched to Instilled to replace all three learning platforms, saving time and money for learners and the company. They’re now benefitted from the social collaboration and analytics offered by Instilled and are now looking to bring Instilled in-house to serve its massive global workforce.
● SCL Health delivers compliance training that’s designed to engage people by mixing eLearning with video to create personal touches and give context to the required training. With Instilled, the organization is seeing a culture built around learning because employees know why they’re doing it and feel the whole company is invested in the learning content.
● Johnson Controls has thousands of field workers to its handful of instructional designers, so they used Instilled to flip the model. Now field workers use their handheld devices to record and share videos with others. The result is highly searchable and rapidly created video that’s periodically moderated by the learning team. For Johnsons, this has built a more productive frontline workforce and a stronger company culture.
● Union Tank was training frontline workers by traveling to facilities and holding expensive, time-consuming in-person training. With Instilled, the company uses video and eLearning to offer digital learning tailored by location and role. The result is massively increased efficiency, so much so that one team leader claims he’s doing with five people what he used to accomplish with 25—and in less time!