Innodisk Delivers Flash, DRAM, And Embedded Peripherals Hardware Technology Products For Industrial And Enterprise Applications

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Innodisk is a service-driven provider of Flash, DRAM, and Embedded Peripherals hardware technology products for industrial and enterprise applications. Innodisk was featured on Forbes’ “Asia’s 200 Best Under A Billion” companies. Focusing on the latest in Edge Computing technology, memory, and storage, Innodisk continues to provide custom offerings that aim towards innovation in SMART monitoring systems and efficient, high performing chips and modules. With engineering support and sales teams in China, Europe, Japan, and the United States, Innodisk is Accelerating Interconnectivity with Absolute Integration for clients worldwide. Below is our recent interview with Victor Le, US President at Innodisk:

Q: SATADOM was a success for Innodisk in 2016-2018, what is the next big thing for Innodisk?

A: iCAP is the next big thing for Innodisk. iCAP is an IoT cloud-based management platform that you can access device connected through a centralized dashboard. You are able to communicate to Client/ Edge Computing via IoT connectivity protocol, and with flexible customized integration, you can monitor real-time I/O as well as storage device data in client system connected.

Q: What do you see your DRAM future business?

A: RDIMM has been fairly successful for Innodisk with the advent and growth of servers for cloud computing and datacenters. Now we are seeing a shift in the industry as companies and applications are moving in a new direction away from processing data in servers within datacenters and instead having it be processed at the source of where data originates which helps to reduce bandwidth and latency and ultimately costs. This new leap and next big thing is called Edge Computing which is based on industrial PCs and uses Unbuffered Memory (UDIMM) instead of Registered Memory (RDIMM). An example would be the placement of fanless IPC systems containing wide temp DRAM modules on the side of the highway that quickly collects and processes traffic information then and there instead of transmitting the information to a datacenter for processing which contributes to a build-up of network traffics which may cause bottlenecks.

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Q: What other product lines Innodisk is promoting?

A: Besides Flash Storage and DRAM solutions, Innodisk has been designing and producing Embedded Peripherals (EP) Modules. EP modules provide LAN, PoE, CANBus, DIO, Serial Port, Storage, RAID and Display functionality to embedded systems. We work closely with our customers to provide flexibility and the best Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) through EP modules.

Q: WWhat can we expect from Innodisk in the near future?

A: This year Innodisk is moving towards ways of increasing our name and branding and be the “go to” supplier for Flash Storage & DRAM solutions. We are attending trade shows that can highlight our current offerings and launch visionary products that can shape hardware technology. Having already completed DSE, Embedded World and NAB, we will have a presence at Computex, FMS, G2E, and VMWorld to name a few. Presenting at these shows allows us to grow into major markets and showcase our portfolio, which is now up to 82 ground breaking patents.

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Also, this year Innodisk introduced an elevated presence of, “Accelerating Interconnectivity with Absolute Integration”. Innodisk’s Absolute Integration™ is our envisioned path that moves toward a more interconnected world relying on enhanced programming communications and the increased interaction and responsiveness between machines and devices as well as real time relevant media offerings. This ideology assimilates anything Innodisk, from technology to media and events, in order to create an integrated optimal solution or branding presence. Having this focus led to the development of the Innodisk Media Newsroom. This one stop online interactive media center gives visitors a marketing experience that includes a media kit with press kits, and marketing resources that link to events, press releases, and other product information in real time. To view the new Innodisk Newsroom go here. Innodisk continues to streamline processes with innovation allowing a more integrated way of communication while continuing to increase their footprint in the industrial storage industry.