Illumeo Serves The Audit, Accounting And Corporate Finance Learning And CPE Needs Of Many Of The Most Successful Companies In The World

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Below is our recent interview with John Kogan, CEO at Illumeo:

John Kogan

Q: What is the best thing about Illumeo that people might not know about?

A: We recently cleared over 1,000 on-demand courses and over two dozen varieties of continuing professional education credits (CPE) available via our subscription service. We now have more on-demand, video-based courses and CPE available than anyone serving audit, accounting and corporate finance professionals.

Q: You’ve recently announced 2018 student scholarship program; could you tell us something more?

A: We recognize that most Illumeo users are in professional roles in audit, accounting and corporate finance, and that we already help those folks out. However, there are many students trying to pass the rigorous exams required to get to the careers they dream of, and to that end we wanted to help out by providing a scholarship program where Illumeo provides free annual subscriptions to 10 qualifying applicants every month! It’s our way of helping the next generation of professionals reach their career goals.

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Q: How important is training and educating employees?

A: Continuous training for even highly skilled professionals is critical. Two issues in particular drive this: 1) there is more you need to know now than ever before. So having a learning resource that is both broad and deep allows you to get the answers you need, when you need them, in order to do your job well and advance in your career. 2) things are moving at lightning speed these days, so having a resource that moves at the same pace helps keep you up to date with the things that will impact your job, team, and company.

Q: What is the best way to determine if training is effective?

A: Wrapping real-world use to anything you learn is the most helpful way to both internalize the learning, and confirm that you have actually learned something. We recommend it for all of our courses if at all possible.

Q: Tell us more about your instructors. What makes them the best in what they do?

A: Simply put, our instructors are deep subject-matter-experts in their fields. Our instructors have an average of more than 25 years’ experience in their areas of expertise. So you are learning from folks who have been there, done that. To their expertise we add Illumeo’s instructional design and tools expertise, which creates highly effective learning opportunities for our users.

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Q: What type of client would benefit the most from your services?

A: Illumeo serves many of the most successful companies in the world with their audit, accounting and corporate finance learning needs. And any company of any size that has these or related professionals will find great utility from our learning platform. The ROI is tremendous and it’s so easy to get the platform to your users that there really is no excuse not to have the best learning available for these hard-working professionals in their demanding roles.