How To Find Self-Service Password Management Tool For MacOS

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You, as a modern user, probably have a huge number of online accounts on various websites and platforms. For convenience, you prefer to use 1-2 passwords, as it is practical and easy to remember. However, when talking about safety, you most likely do not think about how much you put yourself in danger.

Anyone who is well aware of the number of cybercrimes that happen every year tries to update their passwords at least once every few months, and also uses password generators that come up with combinations that are difficult to guess.

Remembering complex passwords is a daunting task for many. In addition, many websites require you to create passwords that have a certain number of uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and character combinations. Thus, you often end up changing passwords on sites over and over again, forgetting which combination of characters you chose for each website.

Today, for Mac operating system users, this is no longer a problem, as they can use both Apple’s password management system and third-party tools that have additional features.

We will talk about the built-in password management system, as well as alternative options that you can use to secure your online accounts.

Apple’s solution

iCloud Keychain

The easiest option for Mac owners is to use the built-in password manager, which is free for every user. Such a tool is called iCloud Keychain, which can be used on all Apple devices.

This tool is your assistant to create secure combinations for your passwords. It can create them on its own and will also warn you if you use the same combinations for different accounts. This feature is especially useful for your security.

In addition, it is convenient in that it remembers all the necessary information for logging into accounts and you do not need to enter your logins and passwords every time. All data is tied to your Apple ID and is also encrypted.

However, this tool is not the best as it has its drawbacks. The first is that it only works on the company’s devices and also only on the Safari browser. Thus, if you have an Android phone or prefer to use other browsers, then your data is not synchronized and you need to enter passwords manually.

Apart from that, another disadvantage is that this tool will not alert you if you need to update your password or if your passwords are exposed. Thus, it is not the best tool that exists today.

Alternative tools


This tool is not as recognizable as many other well-known tools, but it deserves your attention. It is a high-quality, versatile tool that works well with this operating system.

Compared to many other tools, Keeper has a good reputation for keeping you safe online. By adding information about your passwords to the system, you will receive alerts if you reuse any password for another online account. In addition, you will receive timely notifications in case a data breach is detected. Thus, you can quickly update the combination of characters and secure your accounts and your data.

Most importantly, you don’t need to waste your time trying to find saved passwords to re-enter them to log into your account.

When purchasing the tool, you can purchase additional features, but this is not required. For an additional fee, you can get Darknet protection (checking the Darknet for stolen data), storage for secure data exchange, and a secure messenger.


  • Many settings;
  • Hyper-secure messaging app;
  • Possibility to recover deleted passwords;
  • 24/7 support.


  • No free version.

Nord Pass

It is popular with a large number of users due to its large feature set. If you wish to register on any website, all your account information is stored automatically. Thus, you do not need to add anything yourself. If you want to enter data for your digital wallet, then you can use optical character recognition and you do not have to enter data manually.

You can sign in to the app by scanning your face with FaceID. Nord Pass helps you generate strong character combinations and also suggests using complex passphrases.

All your data will be stored on servers only in encrypted form, so you can be calm. In addition, this tool is compatible with various devices, not only Apple devices.


  • Strong next-generation encryption;
  • Inexpensive;
  • Free version;
  • Tracking data leakage.


  • Lack of integrated safe file storage.


This tool may not seem the most attractive in terms of design, but it does its job well. Regardless of which package you buy, you can save an infinite number of character combinations for passwords.

Apart from this, RoboForm offers you templates to fill in the information. You can enter all the necessary information once, after which you will not need to do anything when registering an online account. However, this tool does not offer the option to store files.

The service offers to come up with complex combinations of symbols for you, and will also notify you if your accounts have vulnerabilities. You can exchange any data with other users who will have this tool installed.


  • Cheap;
  • Secure exchange of passwords and data.


  • Free users cannot access support.


It is familiar to many users firsthand because it is one of the oldest on the market. The number of functions is constantly updated, providing users with a reliable and convenient service.

Like all other tools, Dashlane will prompt you to change vulnerable passwords, and it will also prompt you to generate a strong combination of characters. You can save all the data required for registration so that when registering on a new website, you do not have to waste time entering data.

All your data is stored exclusively on your device and not on servers. Thus, you get more reliable protection.



  • Expensive.


Ensuring network security is the most important issue today. You have a variety of password management tools that you can use on the Mac operating system. Each of the tools has a different set of features and you should choose which solution works best for you.