Hiventure Media Brings Progressive Change Through Positively Reinforcing Messages

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Below is our recent interview with Thomas Sanne, Director of Hiventure Media:

Thomas Sanne

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Hiventure Media?

A: Striving to change the World with Lean Multi-Platform Content, HIVENTURE MEDIA is engaged in the Production of highly disruptive Multimedia that speaks to Millennials in a language they get. Active Internationally with a slate of Multi-Platform Content Development and Production projects, HIVENTURE MEDIA focuses on a selected few that are best suited to bridge the digital gap packaged into content to be launched using Guerrilla Marketing Tactics. HIVENTURE MEDIA is a Socially Disruptive Force to be reckoned with, bringing progressive change through positively reinforcing messages targeted to Tomorrow’s Decision Makers.

Q: What projects are you currently involved in?

A: APPETITE FOR DISRUPTION is the first TV Program produced on the Blockchain, and the first truly Decentralised, Democratized and fully Interactive Reality Show of the Digital Age. It will intimately capture the mentoring and development of 14 Digital Start-Ups and the young entrepreneurs behind them, stemming from Elevator Pitches uploaded to our YouTube Channel and selected democratically by the public. We pit them in a high-stakes race against time and the odds, catapulting them from abstract concept into the No. 1 App in Stores; all within 3 months and while yielding a highly disruptive impact on society. The public can vote in the show and invest directly in the young entrepreneurs thanks to a Gamified Crowdfunding App and a Decentralised Autonomous Organization issuing Tokens.

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Q: Who is the Target Demographic of A4D and what are some of the key challenges you are helping them solve?

A: We wish to target the decision makers of Tomorrow, Millennials, who are also the most challenged generation in decades with regards to employment. In fact, as Johan Schotte, Director of HIVENTURE MEDIA stated, “with the advent of AI and robotics appearing at an alarming rate around the world, and while youth unemployment is at an all-time high, the prospects of a better future, or any future at all, for young people joining the work force right now are seriously testing their hopes and self-esteem. I am very pleased that APPETITE FOR DISRUPTION addresses this problem head-on by offering a stage for young people to take their future in their own hands with a reality show like this one. Enabling and empowering young people to endow them with a better future is the differentiating factor of this series which is made possible by a great team, timing and technology.”

Q: What’s the vision that guides you in this project?

A: Youth unemployment is at critical levels, burdening today’s younger generations’ career prospects, tarnishing their hopes and self-confidence. Yet, for the first time ever such powerful tools as those provided today through Technology are so readily accessible. In a world with no work, and scarce opportunity, you have to create your own. There has never been a better time to be an entrepreneur with a disruptive idea. Our concern for the future of the young unemployed runs as deep as our belief in this phenomenon’s massive redeeming faculties and its potential for positive change. The Scientific Method is the invention which has single-handedly contributed the most towards progress and innovation. Today, the most successful and disruptive businesses are propelled forward by similar methods of fostering growth and tackling innovation. These enormously powerful yet highly accessible tools have enabled the likes of Facebook, Google and many others to rise as the world’s most valuable companies in a matter of years, while rewriting the whole book. These methods can be taught, and remain the back-bone of the material our program wishes to convey, together with a message of hope for all the dreamers out there. In doing this, we apply the most cutting-edge techniques and the most powerful tools available to enable constant innovation and therefore radically successful businesses. And we engage audiences with a gamified experience that maximises their involvement.

Q: What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced in launching A4D and how did you overcome it?

A: On one hand Reality TV’s share and influence is plummeting, on the other the most consumed content today is “Reality” in the guise of YouTube videos, Snap Chat and Instagram stories, and Facebook. Billions of People daily avidly consume Reality with unheard-of engagement and dedication. If today the most consumed content is Reality based in the form of UGC video, how come traditional means of delivery of Reality content is lagging? Why haven’t traditional broadcasting channels managed to adapt and evolve in order to cater for its Target’s tastes? There is a clear and present case of Innovator’s Dilemma: very limited resources are allocated only to the proven business models. Hence, there is too much competition fighting over scarce Resources, Capital and Prime Time to be able to succeed in being green-lighted with a truly innovative project.

We leverage the highly democratic and completely independent process of raising funds through a “Token Generation Event”, in other words an ICO, to produce the first truly Decentralised and Democratized Reality Show of the Digital Age, while leveraging the Blockchain’s capabilities in order to provide the most fully Interactive and engaging experience possible.

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Q: Can you give us more insights into your solutions?

A: A tale of disruption, A4D promises to be a highly disruptive force on its own, completely democratising and decentralising the way TV is produced and shown. By leveraging the social impact and viral growth model of the Reality TV Format on one hand, and the capillary global outreach of Online Content Aggregators on the other, we reinvent the Entrepreneur / Start Up Incubator, and become our own fully sustainable Entrepreneur / Start Up ecosystem. We establish a Decentralised Autonomous Organisation which enables an entirely democratised management of assets and voting powers on the show.

By basing it on the Blockchain, and utilising Smart Contracts fuelled by Cryptocurrencies, we enable our investors a completely decentralised and democratically controllable funding system. This will enable the independent development of a portfolio of highly selected Entrepreneurs / Start Up ideas ran through the ultimate Hackathon on one hand, and the multi-platform “show” and its sister App on the other. We follow closely on camera allowing our spectators a truly 360° immersive experience, providing for fully interactive control on the outcome of their own investment, and of their Reality Show.

Q: What can we expect from Hiventure Media in the future?

A: Stay tuned for A4D’s Crowd Funding Campaign on Indiegogo, and for our imminent ICO! Meanwhile, we invite the readers to participate in the Casting. If they are 18 to 26 years old and can Code, and think they have a game changing idea for a Mobile App, they should Up-Load the Video of their Elevator Pitch to our Web Site ( from where it will be routed to our YouTube Channel. Here the Internet will select 14 that will participate in this life changing adventure making their dreams come true.