HelloWoofy Delivers Social Media Management Tool Designed For Small And Medium Sized Businesses

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HelloWoofy has been designed from the ground up to allow small businesses the ability to use data science when creating, curating and scheduling content on social media. Below is our recent interview with Arjun Rai, Founder & CEO of HelloWoofy:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to HelloWoofy?

A: We go beyond SMM by soon allowing customers to use data science to generate long form content as well using our patent pending autocomplete technology that, like the name suggests, suggests the best words as you type (as well as the best hashtags and emojis which have been shown to drive double digit uplifts in engagement as per research by Adobe Emoji Trend report).

Q: What makes you one of the most powerful social media marketing platforms?

A: HelloWoofy is a categorically new platform that not only schedules content but creates content as you type, suggests engaging and relevant emojis based on over 150M data points and 3000 emojis, checks for when your content is too similar to prevent being blocked by social media platforms, and much more. The whole concept of making data driven decisions at an affordable price point for small businesses is finally possible allowing customers to compete head on with unlimited marketing budgets of competitors.

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Q: What are your core features?

A: Our main features are:

• Autocomplete Copywriting: The AI detects what you type as you’re typing to suggest the best words and phrases that will complete your social media post and soon, your entire blog article as you complete your writing. This includes suggesting engaging and relevant emojis (which have been shown to drive double digit uplifts in engagement as per research by Adobe and Hubspot).
• Compliance or Similarity Engine: HelloWoofy constantly checks for when your content in real time may be too similar or in fact duplicated to something you’ve posted recently avoid any situation where the customer may be perceived as being a “bot” or source of spam (this feature protects a customer’s social media profile unlike any other platform).
• AI: As you upload images with words/sentences within the graphic, the platform is able to write content exactly as it appears in the graphic but into text for a social media post, as you upload images see relevant hashtags related to objects or what’s happening within the image, voice recognition to navigate the entire platform, and much more.

Q: Can you give us insights into your pricing plans? There’s a lifetime deal if I’m not wrong?

A: Yes, for the time being we are providing lifetime access to the platform for $49 as we seek feedback from customers on what features are working best for them, which new upgrades they’d like to request etc. As some point, we will switch to a monthly subscription but the LTD offer is available for limited time. We are also looking for affiliates to help promote the deal within their communities for a 30% commission. You can learn more about this on HelloWoofy.com.

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Q: What are some of the main objectives for HelloWoofy in 2020 and how do you plan to achieve them?

A: Our main objective or rather mission at the company is to support all small business owners around the world with the power of data driven decisions and data science based technology (in this case marketing tech). We believe a business should compete on talent and creativity or ability to storytell however currently most SMBs are unable to do so mainly because of smaller marketing budgets competing with unlimited marketing resources of larger companies. HelloWoofy’s powerful technology trained on 150M+ data points with patent pending algorithms gives every small business owner a fighting chance to compete for the price of a cup of coffee a day.