Health IT Company LUMEDX Announces Rollout Of Its New Cloud-Based HealthView Analytics Solution

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LUMEDX is a health IT company that’s been in business for the past 25 years, serving 650-plus hospitals. Their cardiovascular solutions facilitate analytics, imaging, procedure documentation, registry data management and workflow automation for high-risk, high-cost episodes of care. Below is our recent interview with Praveen Lobo, from LUMEDX:

Praveen Lobo

Q: How can high-powered analytics tools help heart and vascular centers improve outcomes?

A: Information within hospitals and cardiovascular departments today is often fragmented and siloed. LUMEDX provides the solution to combine that data into a single unified data model that allows our business intelligence solutions to drive clinical and operational outcomes by revealing the interdependencies between care patterns, cost and quality. LUMEDX provides a coherent view of quality and operational data that bridges the divide between providers and administrators, allowing them to focus on the common goal of providing better care, more affordably. LUMEDX provides the solutions to analyze cost of care, staffing, utilization, and care variance at every level of an organization, providing critical inputs as cost pressures continue to grow.

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Q: What advantage does LUMEDX have over its competitors?

A: Over the past 25 years, LUMEDX has built data interfaces with hundreds of devices and applications in cardiovascular medicine as part of its business of collecting, organizing and submitting data to various national and state clinical registries. We have developed a sophisticated data model for organizing these substantial number of granular clinical data points. By marrying this very granular clinical data with financial data, we are now able to identify opportunities for quality improvement and cost reduction.

Q: Can you give us more insights into your innovative technology?

A: LUMEDX has the ability to consume data from a wide range of standard data sources as well as HL7, extract, and flat files, giving our solutions unprecedented access to data. These data sources are ingested into a data model that supports analysis at every level of the organization. Whether the goal is analyzing the impact of readmissions on cost, the utilization of an intensive care unit, or how physician device selection varies between providers, the LUMEDX business intelligence offerings provider simple, concise answers to complex challenges.

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Q: What are your plans for next four months?

A: Over the next four months, we will focus on the continued rollout of our new cloud-based HealthView Analytics solution, driving clinical and financial outcomes for our customers. We will also build out and deploy predictive and in-app analytics offerings that integrate risk and other algorithms directly into a provider’s clinical workflow.