Halo Platform Aims To Deliver The Next Generation In Cryptocurrency Management

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Below is our recent interview with Scott Morrison, CEO at Halo Platform:

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to Halo Platform?

A: Halo Platform is the next generation in cryptocurrency management. Users can access the most diverse set of cryptocurrency tools on the web, and fully customize it to suit their needs. For the first time, crypto traders and enthusiasts can manage their activities all in one space, making Halo Platform the ultimate all-in-one management system that the crypto community has been waiting for. No longer will users have to work across multiple platforms, utilizing difficult-to-use and often defect-ridden applications. The Halo Platform brings all these tools into one, easy to use system.

Our vision is to expand the nature of cryptocurrency with a constantly evolving platform that grows with the needs of our users. This vision derives its value from the success of each user. Each individual on the Halo Platform represents a new link in the ecosystem, creating strength and value within a safe and secure platform. By helping our users with their own growth and promoting their own interests, the Halo Platform will grow. Security and cloud load balancing will also bring a new, refreshing aspect to traders and investors. The Halo Platform is orchestrated by top-tier cloud consultants who are leaders in their field.

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Q: Can you give us insights into your features?

A: Current Features (in order):

Halo Platform’s wallet (Featherlite) has two different versions. The Lite Node is for general use and Full Node is intended for users who host their own masternodes. We’re also developing a web browser plugin to allow your DAPPs to be used outside of Featherlite.

The official coin for Halo Platform is HALO, and it is powered by a dynamic masternode network. Masternodes can be privately owned or publicly pooled together with other users. This network provides rewards to users who have setup a masternode. Rewards are issued randomly every 8-24 hours after the previous payout. Random rewards were determined to help protect the market from scheduled sell-offs.

The Halo Platform Features:
– A Fast blockchain, tested at 5,000 TPS and scaling upwards.
– Block explorer DAPP.
– Masternode system.
– Wallet DAPP.

Upcoming Features (in order):
– Halo Platform is nearly finished the decentralized exchange for currency trading. In addition,
there will also be a centralized exchange with a broad set of trading tools.
– Version 2.0 of the platform client will contain a host of new features requested by our
– Portfolio allows users to check their ROI monthly and yearly, track off-chain assets, and view
their portfolio position in other base currencies.
– Halo Platform Chat System gives users the ability to use the Halo Platform to connect with
friends and groups.
– Dashboard will be modular and easily reconfigured to the user’s needs.
– Halo Debit Card is a branded debit card that can be used internationally.

Q: You’ve recently announced the launch of the world’s first all-in-one system for cryptocurrency management, trading, and analysis; could you tell us something more?

A: Imagine a platform that will not only allow you to hold your HALO, but also do everything else without needing to download a third party DAPP or use another website. Our vision is for the Halo Platform to incorporate the above features into one single platform with a simple interface. In addition, our game studio will feature many games on the Halo Platform. More details on these games will be released very soon.

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Q: What do you think about the future of cryptocurrencies?

A: Cryptocurrency is the future. The way both businesses and individuals conduct transactions will naturally evolve into a low-fee, fast acting, global economy. Cryptocurrency puts this economy into the hands of people like you and me. Like banks, however, cryptocurrencies will likely merge from the many to the few as the technology matures. Cryptocurrency projects without a valuable set of products behind them simply will not survive, while platforms like Halo, with a broad array of services, will represent the future.

Q: What is on the roadmap for Halo Platform moving forward?

A: We are working on decentralized exchange, which we plan to launch very soon, with a centralized exchange to follow. Our first games will be coming out under our subsidiary gaming studio Block & Chain Games. Halo Portfolio is also currently underway. Finally, a fully revamped Featherlite 2.0, browser based, and incorporating user requested features are also coming soon. To check out progress, check out our roadmap.