GradeBuddy Provides A Platform For Students To Access The Best Study Materials

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How GradeBuddy Can Help You Improve Your Grades?

To make their learning process more efficient and get better grades, students try to find all the possible ways that will help them achieve their goals. At the beginning of each semester, they get plenty of study material, including textbooks, handouts, and copies of presentation that professors send them. Somehow, these don’t help much; they just burden students with plenty of information making it difficult to focus on the key points. With so many tasks, such as homework, presentations, exam preparations, students don’t have enough time to check all the material, so they look for topics’ summaries and notes that will help them memorize and review all the key points before their exams. They do take notes during lectures which come quite in handy, but some students lack note-taking skills, which results in useless notes. To help out all the US students get better grades and provide high-quality study material, many sites provide the service of offering lecture notes and study materials. GradeBuddy is one such site, the one that has gained popularity in the past few years and has become one of the top student sites for a reason.

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What services does GradeBuddy provide?

GradeBuddy offers an array of services to the US students with the aim of improving their learning efficiency and grades. Before exams, it is of immense help to have all the key points highlighted. It’s less time-consuming to review all content before exams with the notes than reading all sentences underlined in textbooks.

The services GradeBuddy provides include
Study Resources: lesson notes, study guides, and practice exams uploaded by the students who previously took the courses.
Subscription Courses: they include top-quality study guides and lesson notes created by note-takers who attend lessons.
Course Packets: these include a set of lesson notes and study guides that provide thorough course reviews.
Flashcards: students can create their own flashcards or use the ones created by other students.

To get access to all documents, students need to subscribe and pay for the membership. The advantage of GradeBuddy over some other similar sites is that their service is budget friendly.

There’s also a possibility of getting a free membership. To be able to access lesson notes, study guides, and flashcards for free, there are two steps to follow.

Students can upload their own documents which must be high-quality notes. After uploading them, editors review the documents and if they meet the standards, they approve them. This approval brings students credits which enable them to buy a premium membership. The number of credits depends on the quality of the notes.

The second way to earn credits is to invite friends and classmates to join GradeBuddy. This step brings extra 200 credits for each friend or classmate that joins GradeBuddy.

Before buying a subscription, all students can preview approximately 20 % of each document, to make sure and be convinced they don’t waste their money but invest it something that will be of great help.

For those students who wouldn’t like to purchase a whole subscription, there’s an option of buying individual study guides and lesson notes.

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How can GradeBuddy help?

GradeBuddy’s top quality study guides, lesson notes, flashcards, and practice exams supplement and improve students’ learning experience. These additional resources allow students to concentrate on the visual and audible parts of lectures- students can focus on listening and learning during lectures, not on taking notes.

During each semester, note-takers attend all courses at all universities in the US and upload their notes; this way students get lesson notes from the classes they attend, not some other university classes which might be slightly different. These notes and study guides point out what their professors highlight during lectures, and these are mostly the key points that can be expected on tests. When you know what and where to look, it’s much easier to study and prepare better for exams.

GradeBuddy’s aim is to provide innovative ways of studying. They believe the key to success is to ‘’study smarter, hot harder’’ and many students and current subscribers agree with them. During classes, students can focus on listening and try to understand the key points. Within a day or two after lectures, students are able to access the notes and use them as a guide when reading a textbook. These lesson notes are all students need before exams to quickly review all information.