gotomyerp – Fully Managed Cloud Hosting Specializing In QuickBooks, Sage, SAP And All Related 3rd Party Integrations

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gotomyerp is an international leader in fully managed cloud hosting specializing in QuickBooks, Sage, SAP and all related 3rd Party Integrations. gotomyerp cares for each customer by providing them their own private network and computing resources, nothing shared, ever. Their global support and infrastructure allows customers from micro to enterprise. Everything just works.

To find out more about them we sat down with Robert Eppele, Founding Partner and CEO of gotomyerp:

Mike Murphy

Q: Could you provide our readers with a brief introduction to gotomyerp?

A: We took 20 years of successful implementation and consulting experience and translated that quality of care into a cloud hosting service that is unmatched by our contemporaries. Most competent colocation service providers can set up some servers and be in business hosting. Company’s like Rackspace and others handle incredible infrastructures, but this is where they all stop.

gotomyerp goes beyond just hosting a server. We provide a properly tuned private dedicated environment and directly support the applications running our customers’ businesses. We do this in conjunction with a customer’s consultant or do this ourselves for our proprietary customers operating products like QuickBooks Desktop (Pro, Premier and Enterprise), Sage 50, 100, 300, SAP or Microsoft Dynamics.

Why? If a hosting provider does not understand the products they are hosting for you, they’re only doing part of the job they’ve been hired to do. Including email and voice systems, your ERP software is an important and critical part of your operations. Why trust it to anyone else?

Q: You recently announced that gotomyerp is extending your disaster relief offer to the end of the year. Why are you offering help for businesses affected by disasters?

A: Last year we saw a lot of people and businesses displaced because unexpected emergencies. You want to help however you can, so we offered 90 days free hosting to any business that was in an evacuation ordered area. With a hope that businesses this year would move their data and systems to the cloud before disaster hits them, we put out the word early that we would extend it through to the end of this year. Some of our customers expressed how relieved they were that they didn’t have to worry about downtime or data and possible hardware loss, which goes to show that cloud hosting plays a large part for any company’s disaster recovery plan.

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Q: Why is it important to have an IT disaster recovery plan?

A: Why is it important to lock your door when you leave? I mean, no one wants to lose their stuff. Whatever could cause a stoppage for your business should always be planned for and removing risk is one way to mitigate that. Having your systems hosted with gotomyerp for example, would allow your staff to continue to work from any location if for whatever reason they were not able to come to the office.

Q: What makes your hosted environment a better choice than an in-house server?

A: At the end of the day, money. With gotomyerp hosting you have everything taken care of in regards to support, maintenance, backups, upgrades. You no longer need to have a server on premise that will require staff to manage. Equipment ages and needs to be replaced every now and again as well, hosting eliminates that too.

Q: You mentioned support. You recently created a fix for Windows 10 that was broken from an update from Microsoft. It was picked up in a Reddit thread, tell us something more about this.

A: Well that was quite something. Our support team is constantly watching for any issues that any update could cause to our clients. We’ve seen in the past a Microsoft Windows update can cause issues with Sage, QuickBooks, remote connections, you name it. Sometimes the fix for an update can take quite a while to come from Microsoft. This particular issue came from a Windows 10 update, which is what a lot of clients are using to connect. It really wasn’t something we could fix on our end, but our support geniuses were able to come up with a solution quickly to help our clients fix the issue on their workstations. This affected a large number of people all over the world and we’re not sure how our solution spread so fast and became quite popular, but we’re glad we could help so many people.

Q: What makes you different from other QuickBooks and Sage hosting providers?

A: Quite a few things actually. One is the amount of value we place on customer experience and satisfaction. We take great care from the initial request through to them going live. We work with them to make the experience as easy as possible. Another, is our care to quality over quantity. We provide fully managed, dedicated environments. Nothing is ever shared and this allows for a very high level of security as well as allowing all third-party applications to work. We also value our partnerships and we view our clients as partners as well as our strategic partners.

Q: Tell us something more about your partnerships, and why they’re important.

A: We have wonderful relationships with Intuit and Sage as well as quite a few others. These are important for us to grow together by making sure the experience to the client is second to none. We work as hard at growing our existing partnerships as we do at creating new ones. Really, our clients benefit the most, and I mean ours and our partners’ clients. It’s win/win every time.

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Q: Many of your competitors have been bought or merged with others. Does this cause any concern?

A: It should cause concern for their clients. The cost to acquire each of those hosting companies has to go somewhere. This will be passed to their clients, they will be the ones to pay for their acquisitions. It can also cause confusion if they’re not clear that they are now owned by another provider. Mostly they’re buying other providers to enlarge their customer base which more times than not means customer service and response times drop. It makes it hard for their support staff to manage different systems, environments, architecture, etc. The shrinking space actually allows us to stand out a little more and we become the choice of provider after a bad experience with another.

Q: What can we expect from gotomyerp in the future?

A: Continued excellence. Daily, we improve our processes to make the end-user’s experience the best it can possibly be by enhancing all our services and use technology optimally.