GHS Label Printers Make It Possible To Produce Fully Compliant Durable, Waterproof Labels

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GHS compliance has become a hot topic recently in North America as far as chemical product labeling goes. For manufacturers subject to US and Canadian GHS regulations, GHS label printers make it possible to produce fully compliant durable, waterproof labels (and chemical resistance labels) on demand. We recently spoke with Basat Khalifa from DuraFast Label Company about a popular desktop GHS label printer, the NeuraLogNeuraLabel 300x.

Q: What type of ink does the NeuraLabel 300xuse, and why is that important for GHS compliance?

A: This GHS color label printer uses pigment inks which are insoluble and extremely durable. Pigment inks immediately bond with the label materials, drying instantly so there are no smudges or smears. As a result, the inks can withstand long-term exposure to harsh environmental conditions including sun exposure, immersion in seawater, and extreme temperatures. GHS regulations are very specific about chemical labeling, covering everything from symbols, warnings, and statements to label adhesive, label materials, and durability. Dye inks, which are standard in your typical inkjet printer, simply won’t cut it. They’ll fade, smear, or wash away under extreme conditions or simply over time. GHS compliance is complicated but choosing a GHS-certified color label printer and using GHS compliant label materials that have also been certified for use with that specific printer is foundational.

(Note:Both the printer and the label material have to be compliant. All of our pigment inkjet chemical label stock are GHS BS5609 compliant. In addition, with pigment inkjets, we can only print matte finish GHS BS5609 compliant labels. If you want to produce glossy or shiny labels, then you need to look at our laser label printers like the NeuraLabel 600e and UniNet iColor 700 color label printers.)

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Q: What about the print technology used?

A: The NeuraLabel 300x uses the HP print engine and HP PageWide technology where the printhead is stationary and the paper just flies under it.

Q: How does the NeuraLabel 300x fit into your product lineup?

A: The 300x is anmid-level, high resolution, full color GHS label printer priced under $5,000 (USD). It can print large GHS labels — as wide as 8.5 inches. Thus, you can print larger labels like chemical drum labels, pool chemical labels, or fertilizer labels. It’s considered a desktop unit, so it doesn’t take up too much space in a small production facility, warehouse, or office.

Q: Are there any advantages in choosing the 300x over competing models?

A: The 300x is extremely fast, and if you are printing larger volumes of labels, the job will be done very quickly. So, for larger jobs, the 300x is highly recommended. Other less expensive models may be better suited for smaller print jobs. It really depends on what’s more important to the individual, speed or price along with the volumes they’ll be printing.

Q: You said there were two major advantages of the 300x over competing printers? What’s the other one?

A: Every small business owner will appreciate this one: ink cost. We calculated the ink cost to print identical labels on the NeuraLabel and a competing printer. For the NeuraLabel 300x, it was $0.13 per label which was half that of the competitor which came in at $0.26 per label.

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Q: What about the print quality?

A: The NeuraLabel 300x produces excellent, high resolution, high quality labels at a print resolution of 2400dpi. We are happy to print sample labels using a customer’s own design file on any of our label printers so they can compare the subtle differences between them.

Q: Just how fast is the NeuraLabel 300x?

A: We did a speed comparison between the NeuraLabel300x and the leading Primera LX2000 sold in this market so you can see the speed first hand. The Primera LX 2000 is only $3595 while the NeuraLabel 300x is $4995.