George Brown College Launches A Program Around Blockchain Technology To Satisfy Demand In The Growing Area

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Below is our recent interview with Albert Danison, Chair of the School of Computer Technology at the Centre for Arts, Design and Information Technology, George Brown College:

Albert Danison

Q: Why did George Brown College decide to launch a program around blockchain technology?

A: The industry demand for talent was something we could not ignore. Toronto is becoming a hub as a blockchain solution provider and as such we thought that the best way to serve the industry is to create a program based on industry input that more talent in this growing area is needed to satisfy demand.

Q: How will blockchain technology affect our lives?

A: In my opinion, there are three key aspects of blockchain technology that we would benefit from.

The first one is that blockchain removes the need for a middle-man in almost any business transaction which translates to lower cost in doing business. The second aspect is security. Blockchain is based on the fact that you do not have to trust anyone in doing business. The last aspect would be accessibility which is a result of security. Services that today are limited to access because of security, would be accessible using blockchain.

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Q: What is unique about this program?

A: It was developed in collaboration with the blockchain community in Toronto and it was designed to allow practically everyone who is technically inclined to join the program even if their technical background is not directly related to blockchain. Also, it is offered during weeknights and Saturday morning so even if you are working full-time, you can still enroll.

Q: How has the industry reacted to your new blockchain program?

A: So far we have received very positive feedback from industry. Also, because industry was involved in the development process, this has helped spread the word about the depth and quality of the program. Industry is also involved in delivering courses in this program which is also another unique aspect of the program.

Q: What type of students will be interested in a program like this?

A: So far we have had inquiries from potential students with a wide variety of backgrounds – from financial to health to software development. Basically we’ve had interest from those who have an idea of what blockchain is and it’s potential to change the world we live in.

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Q: Why is blockchain an important skill for the future?

A: Blockchain changes the way we do business and how we design information systems. It is a paradigm shift and it is here to stay.