Genohm LIMS Provides A Turn-Key Solution Allowing Labs To Get Into Production In The Shortest Time Possible

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Genohm is a software company developing the Genohm SLIMS platform, a lab information management system (LIMS). Below is our intervew with Roger Küng, VP Business Development at Genohm:

Q: You’ve recently announced partnership with iSpecimen; could you tell us something more?

A: As the biobanking market continues to develop more and more organizations are realizing the inherent value of their collection of biomedical specimens (e.g. blood, urine, etc) to the clinical research market. iSpecimen has developed an online marketplace where people who have specimens can list them for sale while other groups can make a bid to purchase them (think Amazon for specimens). Many of the groups who have samples have been keeping track of their records via paper based methods or excel sheets and need to organize the contents of their freezers in order to sell them with iSpecimen. This type of project is best done with a solution that will allow them to digitally organize their collections making it easier to manage. Together with iSpecimen we can offer them the possibility to accomplish both goals in one partnership, digitally organizing their samples and inventory via the Genohm SLIMS platform while automatically listing their collection on the iSpecimen market place. Both companies have a pre-built software connection that will allow any orders through the iSpecimen marketplace to be fulfilled through the Genohm SLIMS platform maintaining inventory stocks in the lab and statuses in the marketplace.

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Q: What is the real function of a LIMS in a lab?

A: The real function of a LIMS in the lab is to be a digital team member providing a digital framework for systematic data collection and dissemination. This can occur in a number of ways from manual entry, uploading documents, or automated data collection from external systems (e.g. outside software, machines, etc). Once the data is in the system it can be aggregated, viewed, and reported as user needs dictate. At the end of the day a LIMS should bend to your lab processes to make life easier, not the other way around.

Q: What is special about SLIMS

A: The SLIMS platform is special because it brings together the best of different worlds from a LIMS perspective, a commercial off the shelf (COTS) produce that can be deployed quickly and easily configured, but also allows customization to meet specific user needs. This type of flexibility dramatically cuts down on the amount of time needed to add custom features that are specific to our client’s needs. The framework and core code are designed using best practices from professional software engineering that allow for stability and scale while the features are all built using direct customer feedback to maximize their impact.

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Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: Currently, in the LIMS market the gold standard is to get a customer into production in the shortest time possible. Our ultimate goal as a LIMS company is to provide a turn-key solution allowing labs to do just that, get into production in the shortest time possible. The problem with offering turn-key solutions is that they are very limited in configuration options, and as a company we refuse to compromise on the award winning flexibility and configuration capabilities that our platform offers. Since we are dedicated to providing easier ways to share lab based configurations we are launching a new system, the SLIMS Store, that will allow Genohm to share commonly used protocols, workflows, and even entire LIMS configurations. Each of these are built from industry best practices in an effort to bring a higher standard of quality to all domains of LIMS users. Just like an app for a smart phone, any Genohm customer can download one of our pre-defined apps into their system to be up and running quickly, or use it as a template for their own personal configuration. Need to update your Illumina Library Preparation protocol? No problem, just download the latest version from our new SLIMS Store. Setting up a new analytical lab and need to develop mass spec workflows to analyze samples? Piece of cake, just grab one of our curated workflows from the SLIMS Store. From our internal estimations we calculate this will not only reduce our implementation times by over 30% but it will also cut our customer workflow configuration times in half. Please check out our webpage for more information.