Gamiotics Is Leading The Charge On The Power Of Choice In Entertainment Technology

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As the global entertainment industry rebounds, consumers have more choices than ever when it comes to spending money on being entertained and engaged. They can get and pay for only what they want in the way of entertainment from music, television programming, live shows, interactive events and so much more. Gen X, Millennials, and Generation Z, a huge demographic when combined, have proven that they seek engagement by choosing mental, physical, technical, and decision-making skills as part of their day-to-day interactions in person and online.

“The freedom of choice is seen as something dynamic, collective and authentic, and it’s leading the charge for the next generation of entertainment and technology,” says David Carpenter, Founder and CEO of Gamiotics. “The incredible sticking power of personal choice and decision-making is at the forefront of entertainment now and will continue in the future,” he says.

There is real-time evidence of this trend happening in live shows in 2022. The relevance of ‘choice’ as a driver in entertainment can be found as the bedrock of technology that enhances and engages participants actively in the art of storytelling.

Pittsburgh CLO recently concluded a sold-out engagement of The Twenty-Sided Tavern, an interactive adventure where audience members drive the story through real-time decisions using their phones. The improvised storylines are powered by Gamiotics technology. Audience members chose which characters appeared each evening, as well as which paths they took, and which decisions they made along the journey. With no app to download, show producers saw the ease of execution that the platform offered audiences throughout the four-week run.

“The shared success of the audience led to drastically different experiences for all audiences, and we saw record-breaking numbers of repeat audiences at Pittsburgh CLO,” says Carpenter. “Our investment in innovation to enhance or make possible any sort of entertainment experience is based on the universal desire for choice. This application in entertainment has seen success and will only grow in time,” he says.

Shifting habits and listening to feedback from audiences through feedback loops is also paramount to the success of the Gamiotics in evaluating the experience and ease of the technology after the show is over. “The electrifying power of choice in entertainment is lost when the technology is clunky or at all complicated. In this world of interactivity, a phone is not a phone, it’s a tool that can unlock unique experiences,” says Carpenter.

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“Addressing the future of technology in entertainment, we know that there is a growing need for brands to reinforce community engagement, immersion and interactivity through one of the most powerful personal tools in any customer’s hands: their smartphone. The software we have developed is a way to create two-way conversations that can create opportunities that immediately impact the bottom line through upselling, promotion, data capture and choice-based enhancements,” concludes Carpenter.

Gamiotics was launched in 2020 by Founder and CEO David Carpenter, an expert in multiplatform content development, Gamiotics is currently the only software solution for the live entertainment market that connects the audience and content through the infinite power of technology. The Gamiotics browser-based interface allows any smartphone to access the platform making for a complete audience experience across multiple industry categories, events, and programming.