GajiGesa Provides Employees And Employers More Flexibility And Control Over Their Money In Real-Time

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Below is our recent interview with Vidit Agrawal, CO-founder of GajiGesa:

Q: What is GajiGesa? For those who have never heard of it, tell us something more?

A: GajiGesa’s powerful fintech platform provides customers and their employees the tools to streamline their cash flow by offering financial services including Earned Wage Access (EWA), financial literacy content, bill payments, real-time analytics, and more.

This provides employees and employers more flexibility and control over their money in real-time.

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Q: What are key features of your financial wellness platform?

A: For employees, GajiGesa’s app allows them to track their earnings, access their earned wages in real-time, pay bills, buy prepaid cards, and get access to financial education tools.

For employers, GajiGesa’s Analytics platform empowers HR teams to measure company financial well-being strategy effectiveness and get real-time visibility over engagement, productivity, and employee financial health.

Q: GajiGesa helps Indonesians only or your platform is also available for other countries?

A: GajiGesa is an Indonesian company focused on helping hardworking Indonesians live a life of integrity and financial freedom.

Q: You’ve recently raised $2.5 Million; can you tell us something more?

A: GajiGesa announced a $2.5 million USD seed round to expand financial resilience for workers in Indonesia and help partner companies more effectively and easily manage their cash flow. The round was co-led by and Quest Ventures. GK Plug and Play, Next Billion Ventures, Alto Partners Multi-Family Office, Kanmo Group, and multiple strategic angel investors also participated in the round.

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Q: What are your plans for the first half of 2021?

A: GajiGesa wants to add more employee wellness features that will allow for a better experience for employees using the platform. Our main focus for this year will remain to provide great service to our employer partners and their employees.